If You Owned Chelsea Handler’s Social Accounts?

If I could own her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts, I would turn to my expectations and make my dream come true I guess. I am a part-time online money maker who at the same time doubles as “another” basing on the different kinds of work I am involved in. On the other hand, Chelsea is a celeb – I guess that tries to combine all of her different “others” including being a writer, a comedian, television host, an actress, an author only to mention. I am sure you too have some differences when you try or attempt to compare your self with her not so?

Okay, being an online self styled and one who is involved in marketing and promotions, when given a chance to own Handler’s social accounts like Twitter or “Instagram” and any other you may know for a day, week, month or even a year is something which might help me get started towards becoming what I may refer to as being my daily dream 🙂

To work online, you need to build a personality which can help in selling you to the many out there just like you know it well how the famous will always be known and remembered as the famous even during those times when things turn the other way round. To be honest, I have been, I am and still a follower of the different social pages owned by the celeb above and I do accept it that she is wow when it comes to my favorites.

What do you think you can do with her social pages if you owned them? Personally, I would use them for my adverting, socializing, promotions and marketing needs and would would kickstart my path to earning more out of what I am involved in. Being a newbie in the world above means that I still need some more time in order to get become what I need and which is what I try always to do since that is how things are supposed to move.

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When you look out for the different ways to make it, one way which many share is the use of social networking sites just like you will find how popular she is in the world above. Oh, I wish I owned her pages for some small time, may be I would get to know more of how she became popular so as to follow the same trend. And you?

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