iFrankenstein (sequel to iDrakula) (iMonsters Book 2) By Bekka Black Review

Yes, its the iFrankenstein (sequel to iDrakula) (iMonsters Book 2) By Bekka Black Kindle eBook review. If you read about it already, you know what its all about but if not, then this will help you get a hint what you should.

eBook Description

iFrankenstein (sequel to iDrakula) (iMonsters Book 2) By Bekka Black

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“Frankenstein jolts to life for the wired generation!

Following her critically-acclaimed iDrakula, award-winning author Bekka Black breathes life into a modern re-telling of iFrankenstein, using only text messages, web browsers, tweets, and emails.

Homeschooled teenager Victor Frankenstein is determined to write his own ticket to independence: a chatbot to win the prestigious Turing prize and admission to the high tech university of his choice. He codes his creation with a self-extending version of his own online personality and unleashes it upon the internet. But soon he begins to suspect his virtual clone may have developed its own goals, and they are not aligned with Victor’s. The creature has its own plan, fed by a growing desire to win darker and more precious prizes: unfettered power and release from loneliness.

As the creature’s power and sentience grows and its increasingly terrible deeds bleed over from the online world into the real one, Victor must stop his creation before his friends and humanity pay the ultimate price.

“iFrankenstein spins a refreshingly modern twist on the Frankenstein classic…with a virtual monster capable of controlling the world…wickedly good fun.” — Janice Gable Bashman, author of Wanted Undead or Alive, nominated for a Bram Stoker Award

“Creepy. Mysterious. Haunting. Bekka Black has created a modern masterpiece in this retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic.” — Jeannie Holmes, author of Blood Secrets”.

Hope you have gotten some hint on whats inside. How about getting one? Over to you.


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