IGTV, Its Importance & Strategies to use it

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IGTV strategy

If you know the proper way to use Instagram TV or IGTV you can make the best use of the third largest social network in the world. With this useful and beneficial feature, you will be able to connect with over a billion individuals that are visually-driven.

Among Instagram’s several useful assets including IGTV and others, you can create the most compelling and emotional visual story to ensure more traffic to your website with real Instagram likes. The process to follow is simple.

  • To begin with, download the IGTV app from App Store or Google Play. However, if you are logged into your Instagram account already, then this app will automatically find your profile. Once you have the gear icon on your screen, click on the top right corner to choose “create channel.”
  • Now you are ready to post videos. To do so, you must tap on your avatar from the main IGTV page.
  • Click on the “+” sign in the right corner and select a video from the camera roll.
  • If you access the IGTV feature from the Instagram app directly, you can post the videos in the same way but remember to add hashtags before publishing and linking your video to the external pages such as your website or any other social media channels.
  • Lastly, hit “post.”

To create a better IGTV strategy and incorporate better ideas you must know how to set yourself up and figure out the best ways to create a channel that will keep your targeted audience glued to it. Apart from using valuable apps such as Like4Like, a clear strategy will help the IGTV feature to connect your brand with the new audience. If the videos are long, then people will really start to like and tap on the value of the video.

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Few inspirational ideas

IGTV is a medium that will account for 78% of the entire mobile traffic by early next decade. To make sure that you use it for your beneficial purpose you must follow a few specific ideas that will inspire your Instagram TV strategy.

  • Make sure that you show exclusive content to give your viewers enough of a reason to come back and keep coming back. They will only do so if you offer something new always.
  • Make the best use of the vertical format to make it more mobile-focused. This will reflect your innovative thought and at the same time delight your customers with exciting contents.
  • Besides that, you must also focus on discussions and interviews with a social influencer or special guests in addition to showing off new products.
  • It is also good to create a video series that will give enough depth to your content strategy. It will help to build a better online presence and free Instagram likes.
  • Lastly, share all the latest news with your followers with the latest #trending gossip if it is applicable.

These strategies will help you to get and stay ahead of the curve making your site more engaging and authentic.

IGTV, Its Importance & Strategies to use it

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