In The World Where You Either Whatsapp, Facebook Or Instagram

In this world where both technology and communication go hand in hand, there are three things which one can’t do without ans nor avoid. And yes, you either go facebook, go instagram and or go whatsapp. Either of the three above is known to ease communication, which is part of the technology growth.

Facebook is a social networking site. Instagram is a photo social and sharing site. Whatsapp is almost a combination of the two above since it allows text exchanges which Facebook does, allows voice exchange, image exchange, video and many others.

The above means that you can use the above to do all your communications including making free calls , a service many have always wanted and now being offered. When you have a facebook account, you are guaranteeevof finding old and new friends, with whombyou can share all moments.

Its from there that you can exchange contacts and thus get connected once again and for life. Just of recent, facebooo helped me get connected to one of my oldest friends whom we had taken more than 20 years without seeing each other. And now that my old boy was found, life is somethinyvyou can guess..

On the other hand, whatsapp allows a cool way of staying in touch through its free calling feature to any whatsapp feature for as long as the other user meets the requirements. Making such free calls while at the same time sending those free voice calls means much to the users like you and me.

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Instagram on the other hand is more than you can imagine. You can share your photos from a single place to multiple places. This meana much to people who love capturing and sharing any moment. Thats why its the world where you either use any of the above.

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