How To Install Android OS Apps On Blackberry Smartphones

Install any Android App APK on Blackberry Smartphone This tutorial is about how to install all Android OS apps on Blackberry smartphones. If you have always been wondering how you would make use of all of your favorite available Android operating system application onto your Blackberry devices as we know it that BB is limited when it comes to apps, taking time and going through this article will help you learn how exactly it works and how to go about it.

BlackBerry smartphones are known for their best performance and the different features. And besides being durable, they are great when it comes to communication. One draw back with these RIM devices is the limited applications available in their Blackberry world store since many of the simple applications like Matatu and etc aren’t available yet many prefer to have them installed.

On the other hand, Android applications are more than enough since everyday which goes by, lots of new different function apps are developed, and readily available onto the market, which makes end users able to install, test and use the different ones, a case which isn’t for blackberry users.

Now that you have seen some of the reasons why any Blackberry user would want to learn how to use other third party applications, its time to learn exactly what to do and how to get started right? Below is how to install all Android OS apps on Blackberry smartphones eg the Z3 mobile.

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1. Download any Android application APK file of your choice from any provider.
2. Turn on Bluetooth on your Blackberry and send the APK you downloaded.
3. Go to settings, Manage apps and turn on Allow installation of apps from Unknown sources.
4. Open received app, tap install, agree to terms and wait for installation to complete.

You are done. The installed application will be visible on your Blackberry apps list and you will simply need to tap on it so as to launch it. Once its fully loaded, you can start enjoying it right away. Whether you want to install Viber, Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Whatsapp, Matatu, Imo, Nextplus and etc, the above is all you need.

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