How To Instantly Reduce WordPress Blog Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

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Reduce Bounce Rate

In this post, you will discover an easy way to reduce your WordPress blog bounce rate in Google analytics. Using this procedure, you will in addition get access to all of your Google analytics data right from your WordPress blog dashboard, and which will help you get instant results as they happen.

With the procedure above, you will be able to get real time analytics of your Blog including but not limited to sessions, users, organic hits, bounce rate, location, pages, referrers, searches, traffic details and very many others. This tutorial takes you in detail with regard to what to use, and how to use it. It is written basing on the two different WordPress plugins reviewed, which are good when it comes to helping you reduce the blog bounce rate instantly, and too fetching real time data with regard to your website hits.

But briefly, I will share with you what bounce rate is exactly, and what causes it as defined. According to Wikipedia, bounce rate simply refers to “the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page”. And as a fact, very many visitors tend to close the site from the very page they entered in, and which makes your blog BR to be higher, and thus appearing the same in your Google analytics data.

Reducing bounce rate with “Reduce Bounce Rate” plugin

WordPress has a free plugin, which when installed, you will be able to instantly reduce it for your site. This plugin has a few configurations and works instantly as you see in the image above. You get immediate results for as long as you set it the right way for example, the number of seconds the plugin will shot / ping Google analytics to let it know that your visitor did some action on your website. This plugin is free and is supported on all WP versions starting at 2.6 or higher. All you need is to visit the plugins directory, download, upload, activate and configure it. You are ready to Go.

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Monitoring blog using Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin

This plugin is very useful to all WP users. What is does is simply well as very required. It fetches all of your data and shows it into your website dashboard. Using it, you can track all keywords, traffic from locations, the rates and many others using this. It only takes a few minutes for this plugin to start working on your site and requires only authorization for it to fetch your data. The one requirement is having your website added in GA.

How To Instantly Reduce WordPress Blog Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

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