International Driving Permit Uganda

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International_driving_permit_yd0d2a Let me show you how to apply for an International driving permit in Uganda easily. If you never knew, it is very possible for those in Uganda to apply and acquire IDP’s for as long as the applicant or the one who wants it has all the requirements. I tried this personally and I was successful.

Before applying for an International driving permit in Uganda, one needs to perform a checklist of what is required and below are the general mandatory requirements.

Mandatory requirements for IDP application

  • Applicant must be 18 years and above.
  • Applicant must hold a valid Ugandan driving license.
  • Two passport photographs with names written at the back.
  • Payment of fees eg UShs 250,000 or Ushs. 300,000 depending on your Membership status.
  • Filling in the application form which is available at AAU website.

Steps to apply International driving permit in Uganda

  • Visit
  • Fill in the entire application form.
  • Enter your Uganda Driver Licence Number and expiration date.
  • Tick corresponding classes in your Uganda driving permit.
  • Attach your passport photo.
  • Click submit.
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Upon successful form submission and having submitted the correct contact information, Automobile Association Uganda will give you a call upon reviewing your application and let you know the next step. You can also follow up by calling AAU on +256 702 / 772 504496 +256 752 760252, +256 414 255 917 for speeding up your application.

Other International driving permit providers online


All of the above are international driving permit agency Uganda thus meaning that you can use them to apply, process and acquire your IDP easily.

International Driving Permit Uganda

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