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Closing date: 19 Oct 2015

Internews is issuing an open call for CVs from interested Internet Policy Expert consultants for potential projects. Hiring will be dependent upon receipt of project funding.

Expert Consultants for Internet Policy Expert Register

Project Background

The Internet Policy Partnership Project (IP3) aims to create strong policy enabling environments to support internet freedoms in selected countries by providing direct legal, policy, advocacy, and financial support to leading human rights defenders and civil society organizations (CSOs). Building on Internews’ track record of internet freedom projects, IP3 builds the capacity of CSOs to advocate for and defend internet rights for citizens.

About the Internet Policy Expert Register (IPER)

Internews’ Internet Policy Expert Register seeks to provide local advocates with expertise on a wide range of internet policy issues, from access to privacy to freedom of expression online and everything in between. Consultants in the Expert Register will be called upon as necessary to provide targeted policy advocacy support to IP3’s partner organizations as they advocate for internet freedom in their countries. Examples of opportunities might include: advising on advocacy strategies, providing technical legal expertise on a range of internet policy issues, and enhancing partners’ research skills on internet freedom issues.

Overview of Responsibilities

The Internet Policy Partnership Project (IP3) seeks highly qualified individuals to join its register of expert consultants. Time commitments will vary based on consultant and CSO partner availability, but could range from a few hours a month to up to 40 hours a month for cases needing in-depth or on-site assistance.

Tasks may include:

  • Conduct regular check-ins with IP3 partners located across Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, MENA, Asia, and/or Africa to provide policy advice on a wide range of internet policy issues.
  • Debrief IP3 staff on partners’ progress.
  • Provide written reports on policy issues and advocacy strategies discussed with partners.
  • Provide editorial review or original research/writing, as appropriate, regarding proposed legislation, policy briefs, communications, or other policy documents.
  • Facilitate the regional and international expansion of partners’ advocacy networks.
  • Provide remote (Skype or telephone) policy advocacy trainings to IP3 partners or travel to the field to provide on-the-ground support.

Required qualifications

Candidates for the expert consultant register are expected to have:

  • Demonstrated 5+ years of substantial experience and expertise in one or more of the following subject areas: internet policy advocacy; internet censorship; access to information; online privacy and surveillance issues; broadcast or telecommunications law; legal expertise on internet policy; research and data analysis around internet freedom
  • JD or Master’s Degree in communications or a related field desired
  • Exceptional written and oral presentation skills
  • Language skills with country and regional expertise
  • Experience working with civil society organizations in Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, MENA, Asia, and/or Africa
  • Ability and willingness to travel to regional locations, which may be remote or difficult to reach
  • Ability to work well with others, meet deadlines, and respond to changes in priorities
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines under pressure
  • Proven interpersonal and networking skills
  • Strong attention to detail: problem-solving and analytical skills required
  • A self-starter mindset that works well independently and as a collaborative team player

How to apply

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To apply to join the Expert Register, please submit a copy of the following items:

  • Statement of interest (1 page maximum)
  • CV (4 pages max)
  • Short biography (not to exceed half a page)
  • One writing sample (publication preferred)

How to apply:

Please visit:

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