Invention Of The Mobile Phone – Facts You Should Know

You have got one yes but do you know how it came to exist? Would you want to know some details with regard? Keep reading. The mobile phone is not, strictly speaking, an invention but a born subject of the combination of several technologies (some of which were known since the late 40s). The origins of this innovation back to the radio technology which has been developed from the 1940s. In fact, mobile phones use electromagnetic waves, as the network for radio, television and other communications networks dedicated to police or paramedics.

Modern cell phones – – In 1947, a decisive invention occurs with the creation of hexagonal cells for the phones from Bell Labs, which transmit and receive signals in three directions.

New Nokia and LG android phones – – The invention of the mobile phone is generally attributed to the director of research and development at Motorola, Dr.Martin Cooper. It would be the first person to have made a call on a cell phone in April 1973.

Early models of laptops – It was not yet to wait several years for the phones are sufficiently miniaturized to be qualified as “mobile”. In 1983, Motorola launched the US’s first true mobile: Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

This lightweight phone for the time required 15 years of development with the help of Dr. Martin Cooper and more than 100 million dollars in research costs. It was not until the early 1990s that cell phones have become small enough and cheap enough to interest the average consumer. In France, the first mobile phone (pictured above) appeared in 1992.

The boom in mobile telephony – From the 1990s the mobile phone models are considered second generation (2G). They were already much smaller than their predecessors, thanks to advances in battery technology and computer chip. These innovations are causing a boom in mobile telephony to the general public. These mobile phones used including GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) established in 1982 by CEPT Conference of European Posts and Telecommunications Administrations.

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Changes in the cell – Mobile phones currently available are called “third generation” or more commonly known as 3G. They incorporate many innovations in technology and services allow you to send text messages, but also images, photographs, sounds and videos. The new board equipment associated with mobile phone now possible to
read and write emails, surf the Internet, take pictures and record videos, listen to music or watch TV

In the future, mobile phones will provide automatic location features (guide for pedestrians and local information) payment systems (electronic wallet already used in Japan) and become true “digital Swiss Army knives” combining a multitude functions.”

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