Is 000Webhost Blocking Dot TK Free Domain/Site From Being Accessed On Their Servers?

000Webhost Blocking Dot TK 000Webhost for the past has been known to be one of the best free web hosting providers supporting almost all domain names whether free or paid ones including the free dot tk (.tk) when it comes to hosting. And yes, I must admit that I had many of starter sites and test sites using the free dot tk, ml, cf, pk and others domain names hosted freely on 000Webhost hosting servers for all the time I chose.

But of recent, I have been seeing this weird behavior of my free sites mostly the dot tk on the 000Webhost hosting misbehave. Every time I added a new domain on hosting and uploaded the content management system of my choice for example WordPress, the sites wouldn’t load. An attempt to load would be made but the site wouldn’t load. I have experienced this not only on a single site but from a number of sites and a situation which forces me to use a different free host for example

Now this makes me wonder and ask whether 000Webhost changed their mind and blocked those free domain names for example the free dot tk and the likes? Or could it be that the type of site one is intending to create basing on the domain name registered matters when deciding either to accept, allow or block it?

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This weird site malfunctioning has not only happened on one site I was creating but on so many others to an extent that so far, my testing work is halted since most of the other free web hosting service providers available are not update the way 000webost has been.

Does it mean that 000Webhost kicked out the free .tk domains from their hosting or its just a glitch? But again, why does it happen only after the site has been developed eg after installing the CMS fully? Just imagine that when you just add your account and map the nameservers to those of 000webhost, the welcome message will display alerting you to delete and or remove the default.php file?

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