Is Bubblews Instant Payment Bot Real? Auto Paying All Pending Redemptions At Once

No, this is something which am not so sure of and nor agree that it works but the fact is that there is a spam email circulating about Bubblews Auto Payment Bot where its claimed that using the software or program which I haven’t even tested or seen myself automatically makes one receive all of his past, previous and current pending payments.

And with the current crisis by the many Bubblews members having too many pending payments, I personally look at this as a claim other than something real since am very sure there is no way anything like that can simply happen.

I have read many posts about the site administration having remained silent about members pending-redemptions which are so far between 100 and 120 days or even plus and seeing such messages circulating around makes me want to know the exact.

In the messages which I read part in a Forum thread which seems no where so far, its said that the auto-bot creater and who sells the service requests for money in order for one to get access and the moment you pay, you are given a link which redirects you to some survey site which you should complete in order to get the download link.

Am personally still investigating the claim and will have to share my findings with you but still, you can share something you know with regard assuming you have already gotten such a message.

The internet is very funny just like how cartoons are made, many do take advantage of a crisis by turning it into a a false opportunity which many fail to learn of not until they are conned.

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The same claim has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a dot tk domain name which all seem to be current basing on their stats and index dates.

Alright, the question remains whether the Bubblews-Auto-Payment bot is a fake one or something real and if indeed it is, who might be behind it? Bubblews-site Owners or a helper?

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7 Responses

  1. Dv says:

    very nice… thanx for posting this info here.. (y)

  2. Sing says:

    That auto pay bot burst bubblews and pay. I pray it work with me. Who has received money yet using system? Show me how I get free bot and burst

  3. Hoon20 says:

    Bubblews cheat me all $700 dollars. They no talk about payment and don’t answer email. They remain silent and members want money. I am trying bot to see if I get paid.

  4. Real says:

    Its real. Follow me on twitter. Search for Bubblews and I show you how to get paid.

  5. Nicholas says:

    I got similar bubblews bot auto payment email yestarday but not visit the link. I chose search for this information but everyone said is fake. Noway this is real. Who bubblews can pay all missing redemption.

  6. Satura says:

    There is no bubblews automatic payment software or bot. This is fake. I pay my $20 and got trogan when filling survey site. Not even one show payment proof. Don’t buy is all scam.

  7. Poken says:

    I have bubblews auto paying software and all pending and missing rdemption paid december 2014. I bought you buy no free link.

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