Is It Okay/Right To Give/Put Up A Baby/Child For Adoption?

There are so many situations people go through in life. Some of those situations can make others think of giving away their children and or babies for Adoption while other people will do other things.

Personally, I think that it is very right for one or you to give up your child for adoption for as long as there is a genuine reason in doing so. An example is a scenario a friend shared to me through an email and wanted my response. This friend happens to be in the edge of separation with the father of his child due to his uncomming and abusive behaviors.

The mother herself can afford the cost of her own living and nor does share have the resources required to take good care of his child. He wrote to me inquiring whether it was right for her to give up his baby for adoption so that may be, her baby would find someone to take good care of him.

In this world, I know that so many people go through the same situation and for that as agreed with the friend who wrote to me, I decided to share my thoughts on this situation. Please note that it is very good if you consult with an attorney before any decision just to ensure that you are on a safer side just in case.

My response – The answer is yes, a baby in this circumstance could be set up for adoption well as it might be very impossible to recover that kid later on if the injurious circumstance is ever determined. Selections are last.

There’s no about-facing on that choice. It would in any case be better for a kid to be received than be presented to this environment. It would have been far superior had the kid never been imagined through this horrendous arrangement of circumstances, however that is insight into the past. The tyke would surely be in an ideal situation with outsiders than to be with folks included in a harsh relationship.

On the off chance that the mother of the kid can’t bolster the tyke, the mother needs the kid to get the best. Regardless of the fact that she can’t be the mother to this kid, she would like another person to bring up and love the youngster like she would.

This isn’t a simple decision for anybody either however in the event that I was in the position, being a Male however and not oppressive, but rather say the ladies I was then I would need to attempt to bring up the kid however.

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