Is It Possible For Adoption When The Other Parent Of The Child Isn’t Around?

According to Wikipedia, Adoption is defined as “A process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, from that person’s biological parents”. And usually, the biological parent or parents have to sign the child off so as for adoption to go ahead.

Hellen sent me this question below and was seeking an answer to it. And just like her, I am sure there are so many other people out there who would want the same answer, and a reason as to why I choose to answer her in form of a post so that even others can access this adoption related question.

The question – “A non-custodial guardian is missing and has not paid back tyke support for quite a while. The custodial guardian has remarried and the step-father might want to embrace the 10 year old youngster. Could this be possible?”

My answer – At the point when a stepparent needs to embrace your tyke as a rule they require the assent of the father, be that as it may you have to counsel with an attorney in light of the fact that I no in a couple of states that if the non-custodial guardian has had no contact with their kid nor paid any kid support for at any rate a year or more it is considered surrender, and afterward the custodial guardian can get a legal counselor and record for the stepparent to receive the kid.

I will let you know this there is a find to having the capacity to do this, what needs to happen when you document to permit your spouse to embrace your youngster, despite the fact that the father has not been in the tyke life for a year or all the more.

By law there has to be a promotion put in the paper for such a variety of days thus numerous weeks, normally three days a week for four weeks, so that the father or any of his relatives that peruses the advertisement can find him, if after the four weeks are up and there is no reacts then the stepparent can receive the kid, if the non-custodial guardian does see or catch wind of the commercial and approaches and he pays as much as $30.00 dollars on his kid bolster then the selection will be rejected, that is the thing that I implied about the catch on this.

Odds are this won’t happen if the father has not been a piece of his youngster’s life. There are numerous legal advisors that offer free interview so I would call a couple.

Please note that you should always seek legal advise from your attorney. This is my own view on the matter since I was asked to provide a solution basing on my own Judgement and how I understand things.

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