Is Linkbucks The Best Alternative To Adfly/Adfocus/Others? Can You Make Money With It?

Ever heard of
Linkbucks? How about Adfly, Adfocus and other URL shortening services? While there are so many ways and alternatives to make money off the internet, its also true that so many people keep searching on the same as in how they can be able to make that money so as to earn higher and am sure that when you use that same keyword, you will notice the number of questions on the different blogs, sites, forums and many others.

True, its hard to tell whether such an option is better or not since many claim to be legitimate and paying while they are simply scams and who know the fact unless you either read an unbiased review or reviews or even trying it yourself and which is my favourite.

LinkBucks is a URL shortening paying service which pays its members to shorten and refer others where by everytime another user clicks on your shortened link which can be a hot article, application, video, site and others, you get paid for that since the visitor watches an Advert displayed before seeing the real site of intention just like it works on all other similar services.

The question many of my readers have always asked me is whether Link-Bucks is the best alternative for sites like Adfly, Adfocus and others? The fact is that I know and tale LBs as a legitimate and better paying site although I can’t say that is the best or not since all pay pennies per visit.

What I can share basing on what I experienced some years back while working for is that you need to work really hard through sharing as many links as possible if you are to earn more – I tries and failed and which is the same case as in what you should do with Link Bucks and others.

I can’t guarantee that you earn more with which or which but at least for looks a better service.

Its worth trying out others and see the returns before you can conclude unless you already done that and just going to share with us.

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