Is Scam or Legitimate? Find Out In This Review

Wondering whether Teckler is a scam or legitimate website to make money on? This review will help you find out some useful and important information which will help you to determine the fact and find the answer you are looking for. Teckler is a content revenue sharing site where you join for free, post and publish articles of ones choice in a preferred niche and earn money for the work done. And just like it is for the different online money making sites, many people and especially those who are looking forward to join and earn online will try to find out first whether a site they want to join is legitimate or scam since that is one way to ensure that one never spends his or her time for free without gaining anything in the end. became very popular on the internet when the different online writers were disappointed and started looking at the site as an alternative to some sites and below are what of what you should know in order to reach to your answer.

How Do You Get Started On

To get started is very simple. All you need is to create a free account after which you can create your Tecks by choosing on what you want to post either a  text, video, audio or photo post using the selection options when logged in.

What Are The Requirements For Earning?

To earn on Teckler, you need to create as many Tecks (posts) as possible and too get as many views on them as possible. As a member or Teck author, you share 70/30% of all revenues generated by your Tecks. Teckler takes 30% while you take 70%.

How Do You Redeem Your Earnings? pays its members through PayPal and a member is required to link up his or her PayPal when logged in to the site in the account. Your money goes through the different steps for example from pending to confirmed and then withdrawing into your account.

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Is Teckler Legit Or Scam?

This is the most interesting part. According to my personal experience and other findings, the website is legitimate other than being a scam site. Members are paid their earnings provided they have been verified. Clicking on a Withdraw request button guarantees you of getting paid at least I know this from my personal view. You can join the site and earn money when you do what you are required to do. However, a different person may come up with a different personal view.

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