Is Currently UP or Down ?

Is Webanswers Up Or Down Is Website currently up or down? Is it down for me only or you too can’t access the site? Or its down for me only when you and others can access it.

The above questions and similar others are the ones which many of users have been asking themselves ever since the site begun to be more off than up. This situation has been going on for some time now, and which makes every one wonder what exactly happened. This off and on status is an addition to the different issues the site is currently going through for example the Adsense revenue share.

It’s been almost a week ever since I personally saw on since every time I try out, this is the error I get ” Failed to open socket – No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it″. Reading on the different web posts about the same shows that the downtime started long ago but no one knows when this will be solved.

Very many members of the site are going through a state which no any other can tell. Personally, I know Webanswers as a legitimate and paying site I had ever came across. The site has survived so many winds in the past and which makes me think that the current downtime will too be solves.

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Leave alone the Bubblews likes which closed forever, I don’t think that the same should happen to Wwebanswers. And its for this reason I ask whether is up or down currently and if you are accessing it on your end, share with us so we know.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Many people have enjoyed web answers, but unfortunately I think it’s gone. There have been problems on the site and I think Google who supplies the ads probably decided they had enough and there may have been legal trouble against the owners. I have heard of this as a possibility and I do know Google has had to repeatedly pull their ads due to inappropriate content showing up on the site, ads is how people earned money through Google. They were supposed to be moving it to a new server and a website tester has indicated web answers as being up and running and reachable multiple times, but when I went to reach it, it was never there but instead I got a message that the site could not be reached or I got some other error message but don’t know why despite the fact they were said to be up and reachable. If they were really up and reachable they should’ve been there but apparently the is it down right now website was wrong or maybe there’s just a false link there? I don’t think web answers even exists anymore. I think they are gone because I can’t find a link to that site anywhere

  2. Dave says:

    Unfortunately, it is very clear that WebAnswers is permanently gone.
    As I have mentioned in other posts, I have been recording pages of facts that all point to the same inevitable ending for a very long time. My interest was just out of my own curiosity in watching how a site owner could kill a great idea by screwing it up with sheer incompetence. I have accumulated enough documentation to know there is no question WebAnswers is dead and gone. It is well beyond any possible repair.
    Although a significant volume of what killed the site was incredibly bad content posted by a majority of members, I put the entire blame directly on the site owners themselves for their own utter failure to guide the members in how to use the site combined with their failure to fix multiple site issues. It could have remained a great money maker for a very long time if they had only taken the lead to make it what they designed it to be.
    They have had plenty of opportunity to take charge and correct the growing list of problems. A very specific problem was visibly obvious in site statistics as far back as 2011 when I posted my first warnings. That first problem started a landslide of significant losses that were visible each year since, at least if you actually watched the site statistics. The average member never noticed the differences but it was very visible in the year to year changes of site statistics. There is no way they could have NOT known about it all along but it is clear they ignored the issues staring right at them.
    Many members thought I was merely speculating with some of my statements and some became angry about my posts warning of the upcoming disasters. Well, we reached what I was warning about.
    WebAnswers died November 18 after a full 36 hours of being up and reachable but without a single post from anyone. It has bounced around with false signals so sites that report downtime keep getting their down time clocks reset, but WebAnswers has not come back since that last down and is not likely to ever come back up.
    If anyone really wants to see pages of reasons why I say that, I can provide more than enough documentation to convince even the most skeptical.
    WebAnswers is dead. Even the cached pages that were left are vanishing. There will be no sign it ever existed once the remaining 3% vanishes. Google has already erased 97% by deindexing the site. Even ignoring everything else, you can’t come back from that.

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