Is Scam or Legitimate? I reviewed It

Last Updated on December 11, 2020 by Reviewed - Scam or legit

I reviewed Wikinut personally and this post will help you tell whether its legit or scam. Are you looking for an additional way to earn money online? This article will help you discover whether you can make money on and increase your overall income online or not. Wikinut is another new Article sharing, a Review and Revenue sharing site which is managed, owned and operated by Wikinut Ltd. On Wikinut, content is taken to be the king and the life-blood of the site which means that the more content you publish or share, the higher the earnings you get paid.

The site allows its members to earn up to 50% royalties on their contents, up to 5% royalties on every page one does review and up to 10% on all referred members royalties which when both are combined makes one move away with a lot of cash in the end but only when you are committed to earning and which means participating and doing what is required for members to do on the site. And for those wondering how they can make money on Wikinuts, below are a few you can try out. You can too earn money on Webanswers, PayHip, Hubpages and many others

How to get paid on

What you need to get started with Wikinut is to create your account for free, take some time and read through the different guides and how it works so as to know what you should do and start posting.

How do you create contents or articles on Wikinut?

Once you have read through the different guides, the next thing is to begin creating your contents and submitting them for review. Every article passes through reviews and once its accepted, it is published live. Articles should be in line with their content guidelines.

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Some of the popular ways to earn on the site include the ones below;

  • Writing Pages – The more pages you write the more the views and earnings. Those are the posts you write.
  • Reviewing pages – You can review pages provided you do it in line with the site set terms. You review pages posted by other members.
  • Inviting friends – For every friend you invite, you earn some royalties from his or her earnings.

How do you earn and also withdraw money on the site?

On every published article, relevant ads are served on it and the more views of the articles you get, the higher the chances of earning more. Once your earnings exceed the Euros 5 mark, you are automatically sent a payment in the next coming months depending on their net which I am yet to find out.

Is scam or legitimate?

As usual, this is the most interesting part of the whole post. Basing on the fact that I just started being active on the site, I will soon share with you whether the site is legit or not. So far, I managed to earn an equivalent of $0.06 from the 90 views I got on my 1 posted page only. For the right answer on whether you get paid or not, just subscribe to thread and I will post an update soon. However, you are free to share what you know about the site in order for others to know. If you want to join, here is the link

Is Scam or Legitimate? I reviewed It

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