Joan Lule (Former Bukedde’s Taasa Amakago Ironlady) Now On BBS TV Sitima Y’amaka

Joan Lule Bukedde TV Taasa Amakaago Are you among the many who have been wondering where Joan Lule, the iron Lady who presented Bukedde TV’s Taasa Amakaago went to? Yes, these are not rumours but rather confirmed fact about the former industrial area based TV station (Bukedde TV) iron Lady switched to.

Like many other TV program hosts who keep switching from one station to another for their own different reasons, Joan Lule too has switched to Buganda’s BULANGE based Terefayina Eyaffe BBS TV Sitima Yamaka.

According to sources, Joan Lule, the iron Lady will be hosting this show named Sitima Y’amaka just like she has been doing the Taasa Amakaago program on Bukedde TV.

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According to Joan’s Taasa Amakaago Facebook fan page, Joan called in all of fans to come “basosowaze” the new programs launch come next Thursday at BULANGE MENGO where the Terefayina station is based.

As far as this is concerned, its a fact and confirmed of where Joan is, and will be spending the rest of the time assuming she doesn’t migrate to another station.

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  1. kasim says:

    what time is de show aired ?
    i mean sitima ya maka.

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