Join URA e-Learning Courses Free and Become a Tax Guru

Hey, have you heard about Uganda Revenue Authority e-Learning? If you haven’t, let me introduce to you URA’s courses that will help you improve your skills and become a Tax guru.

Once again, URA is offering you something new and helpful towards turning you into a Tax guru, something that will allow you to become more trusted and reliable in the Tax industry.

In fact, making use of the offered courses will help you know and understand more about Uganda Revenue Authority’s work and how exactly you must do it. At the end of it all, you will be at advantage over others in the same field, thus increasing your client base and so earning more out of your work.

Let’s explore more about URA e-Learning courses

What is URA e-Learning?

URA e-Learning is a platform that allows you to learn online thus avoiding hindrances related to geographical distance, physical disabilities, and time.  With a single click on your internet-supported device for example a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you are ready to enjoy a delightful learning experience that is interactive and enjoyable just like that.

What does URA e-Learning offer?

  • Advanced learning tools that enable students to actively engage with educational content.
  • Personalized learning that is Interactive, offering learning content, practice exercises, and engaging content that can be studied at own pace anywhere, anytime.
  • Best trainers that are flexible with d have the freedom to manage students learning.

Type of Content offered on URA e-Learning Portal

  • Tax education -Includes the basic tax principles and fundamentals suitable for the general public.
  • Leadership – consists of programs to groom and raise emerging leaders into higher positions of authority for URA staff
  • Strategic -Consists of programs in line with URA’s future strategic agenda or direction for URA staff.
  • Operational – Comprises technical standard programs, specialized training, and annual training programs for URA staff

Courses offered at URA e-Learning Portal

  • Formalizing a Business – The course is designed for anyone interested in learning about; what formalization of a business means, the process, and the benefits of business formalization.
  • Taxation of Small Businesses – The course is designed for anyone interested in learning about; who a small business taxpayer is, how they are taxed, and their tax rights and obligations.
  • Rental Income Tax – The course is designed for anyone interested in learning about; who is obliged to pay rental income tax and how it is computed.
  • Customs Clearing Agent – The course is designed for anyone interested in learning about; the role of a customs clearing agent and the process of licensing and appointing customs clearing agents.
  • Warehousing of Goods – The course is designed for anyone interested in learning about; the warehousing process, cargo group age, and the process of auctioning goods at the customs warehouse.
  • Filing of Tax Returns
  • Line Manager’s Tool kit
  • Knowledge sharing platform
  • Leadership assessments
  • OECD Test Module
  • Performance Appraisal Tutorial
  • Many others as seen here

How to Enroll on URA e-Learning

Note: You have a choice to study without creating an account, or create an account and enjoy additional features including badges, etc.

Final Word

If your work involves things to do with the Uganda Revenue Authority, taking advantage of the eLearning free courses offered by the tax body will help you understand more and turn you into a guru. Remember, the more knowledge you have about how URA operates, the higher your chances of doing related business.

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