How To Keep Your IPKall VoIP Number Forever

IPKall Free VOIP Number Want to keep your same number for life? Read on. IPKall is known to be one of the leading and most used service providers which offers free phone numbers to those who wish so as to receive free calls over the internet on any computer or mobile device with the support of a VoIP application. And to date, many people regardless of where they are located as in the different countries and continents happen to use the IPKall voip and their alternative service providers for their different purposes for example to verify or even receive calls from abroad and other destinations.

With the service being a free one, many end up having their accounts suspended or even deleted and which makes them loose their numbers as a result of the IPKall voip number usage terms of service which states that any number or account which is not used for a period of one month or its equivalent in addition to any number which does not receive calls in that same during faces being terminated and deleted.

And if you are one of those who would like to keep your IPKall free voice over internet protocol number forever and for life, and or if you have ever lost your number for any of the reasons above, just keep reading this article. You will soon find out a trick and a way which you can use and save your number and which will mean staying in touch with all people whom you shared that same number unlike when its terminated and allocated to another person whom you can’t even control over.

Ways To Keep Your Same Free IPKall Voip Number

Before you get started, you need to have an account with them and which you can only get once you create an account.

Enter your email, select new user, enter name, wait, add and finish all using this Free.

Add it on your Google Account – Since a Google account requires one to add a phone number as a step two verification, adding your number can help you to keep your number active since you will always have to receive a call on that same number in order to log in to your Google account.

And to set up your Google account step two verification, follow this post on How To Do It. Remember, its the calls you receive which triggers the provider system that your number is active and being used as opposed to when its idle for more than a month.

Share it with friends – Sharing your VoIP number with all of your friends more especially those living abroad will help you to get incoming calls on your number and which is required. The more you share your number, the more calls you get and the more the chances of keeping your number active.

Use it as a Business # – Using your number as a business contact will mean clients using it to reach you at any time. You can do that by adding it on your business cards, your documents and on your blog or website.


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  1. Today (February 16, 2016) IPKall has announced they are discontinuing service as of May 1, 2016.

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  2. So… any solutions now that IPKall is shutting down? 🙁

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    1. Check this list of IPKall alternatives and see if you will be able to get the best..

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      1. Assuming you mean this link ( I checked it and none of them seem to offer a 100% comparable solution. Callcentric is the closest, but technically one of their free numbers being used in the US or Canada is subject to the 911 Cost Recovery Fee ($1.50/initial setup & $1.50/month recurring). Not a lot of money, but not free as IPKall was.

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        1. I will make another search and provide you with something which is more good than you can imagine. How about this option by NextPlus? Tried it? They offer a free US phone number and for life if you use it always.

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          1. I have not tried it, but it looks like another Wifi/VOIP service for mobile. IPKall was a PSTN -> SIP gateway.

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            1. You are right. I will try and search for other similar providers and list them here.

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  3. I go to see every day some sites and sites to read content, except this
    webpage gives feature based writing.

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