Laboratory Equipment Supplies/Service Providers In Uganda/Kenya/Tanzania/Rwanda

Do you want to know the different companies and service providers dealing in Lab Supplies and related Equipment supplies in Uganda? You are here since in this post, I am sharing with you the list of 100+ where you can choose among which to do business with for as long as its related to your Lab.

Whether you are looking out for benchtop, benchtop, micro and ultra centrifuges, quantitative, qualitative, syringe, centrifugal, membrane paper filters, water purification systems and accessories, benches, cabinets, chairs and stools, racks, fume hoods, HPLC, GC capillary, LC, IC columns and thin layers, hot plates, lab-baths, ovens, incubators, freeze driers, beakers, bottles and jars, flasks, dishes, vials, pHmeters, multiparameters, calorimeters, refractometers, hydrometers, labshakers, magnetic stirrers, magnetic stir bars, rocking Shakers, shaker accessories, pipettes and pipettors, multichannel-pipettors, transfer-pipettes, pipette-tips, titrators, centrifuge rotors, analytical, mechanical, moisture, conventional accessories, digital, compound, stereo microscopes and accessories and others, this post will help you locate the dealers and supplies of all the above.

Below is the list of the above lab equipment supplies and providers in Uganda. Please note that the same suppliers can serve you in another country for example Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and many others.

Global Scientific Supplies Limited – Like their names suggests, they are known dealers of the above products. They have an online website where one can see all of their current listing and make an order. They are located in Muyenga Kampala.

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Achelis (U) Ltd – AUL is part of the Achelis Group of Companies. They are fully registered and known to be one of the suppliers of the above products. They are located on William Street Kampala.

Frantine Laboratory Supply – These are located on William Street Rene Plaza and are known dealers and providers of the above products.

Hass Scientific and Medical Supplies Ltd – They are locaed in Kololo Kampala. They are known to offer the above.

Indepth Scientific Company Limited – This is based in Kenya with operations in so many countries including Uganda, and Tanzania.

KEPHIS – Is based in Kenya and does business through out East Africa.

Others include AAA Technologie GmbH, Ground Water Science, Genap B.V, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company Limited, Green Age International, Pulse Systems and many more you can find out there.

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