15 Lessons Learned From Covid 19 Pandemic

Lessons Learned From Covid 19
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My name is KWS Adams, the guy behind Thekonsulthub.com. I have learned many lessons from this ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, with Uganda being the case study since it all happened when I was here. In fact, what I have experienced during this time is something I had never thought of in life

I have never been under curfew, I have never seen Government close business, I have never seen all private and public transport not allowed, and lots of others.

15 Lessons i have learned during Covid 19

  • When I first heard of Coronavirus in China, I never knew that it would spread all over the world. I never knew that we would be forced to stop working, not even being allowed to move past 7pm (19 hours). In fact, I just came to know that sometimes, things we take lightly can turn into the most helpful, just like Bicycles and Bodaboda‘s became the only allowed means of transport in Uganda.
  • To add on, having to listen to the government officials media addresses, the Presidential nation address and etc turned into an activity many have to, unlike in the past when the above would happen with no much attention more especially by me. The need to stay updated with what’s going on, understanding restrictions imposed, etc made me number one to listen and watch the above.
  • While I have personally been used to washing hands all time, I never knew that this would at some point turn into a rule to follow. As a way of preventing the spread of Covid 19 virus, the ministy of health urgued all citizens to make use of hand sanitisers, soap and water, etc as a way of keeping clean.
  • Remember, it is well known that through touching of the body’s soft parts including the eys, mouth and nose after getting contact of the virus will allow it penetrate into ones body thus infecting him or her. Washing hands and sanitizing them including publicly shares surfaces including tables, door locks, and etc will help prevent the spread.
  • Also, I learned the use of mouth and nose masks besides preventing dirt. Being a resident of Kasenge, an areas with very poor roads made me become used to mouth and noses masks. Yes, they would help me stay away from dirt since it affects me badly as I am alergic to it. But now, it is a way to go since the same masks can help prevent the spread of Covid 19 virus from one person to another.
  • That even governments beg. While begging is one kind of act I don’t usually support, this time round I saw it go to the level past my understanding. On several ocassions during the president state of the nation TV addresses, and other government officials media address, they all begged. They have been, and continued to beg citizens support through donating new vehicles, sanitizers, masks, health gadgets, food and etc. And the citizens have done it.
  • The whole world has suffered. Even those countries we take to be well established and developed including the US, UK, Russia, China, etc have suffered. The pandemic has tuned the world in a similar state where almost all countries have gone through things like lockdowns, and also doing what it can be done to avail virus testing.
  • Government’s free food supply to citizens. Oh no, it’s sad I haven’t recieved my share of 6 kgs posho and 2 kgs beans as promised to those living in Kampala and Wakiso. But who knew that we would reach to such an extent? The Uganda government giving food to citizens? But it happened. Many people have been given free food and those who have been lucky have enjoyed. A big credit to the Government, with one addition request being to speed up the process so that even people like me would benefit.
  • People can die with no cure. While HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Malaria, etc can kill, the alarm people make isn’t in any way compared to that of Coronavirus. With many living with many other diseases, nothing like forced stay home, business shutdown and etc has ever happened. But because Covid 19 has its own speed level when it comes to death, oh yes, no one is safe, and so to the bigger alarm.
  • Work at home online has increased. In the past, no one knew that this could be a way to go. But now, companies including telecoms, courts of laws and etc implimented this as an alternative since transport wasn’t available besides some being allowed to operate. And if you never knew, having access to any work at home online business mean’t continuous work and earnings even when others were sleeping after being locked at home.
  • New business ventured emerging. During one of the president’s state of the nation address, the General noted that many factories manufacturing sanitizers and other useful tools including gloves, masks, etc had emerged. He also said that many were coming up as a way of bridging the import gab if we can manufacture everything locally.
  • No man is above. In the past, we were used to government owned vehicles being used for personal purposes even when a need was available. But during this Coronavirus pandemic, things completely changed. All goverment owned vehicles were requested to be parked at the district headquarters, and being controlled by the District health officer. This has helped speed up response to covid 19 related cases, and also helping the needy ones access health facilities.
  • Being mandatory to obtain vehicle use on the roads from the RCC’s and RDC’s. It never happened before but it did in 2020. As per directives, one have to obtain permission from either the RDC or RCC. Without such an approval, no vehicle execpt those for cargo transport would be allowed. And or, having a Ministry of transport vehicle sticker corresponding with the kind of work eg Agriculture, Media, Health, Government, etc would be an exception to use the vehicle on the roads.
  • Social distancing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are social networks, but not exactly what they meant when they introduct the social distancing way. For a up to 4 meters distance, that is what the ministry of health recommended. You keep social distance, your increase your chances of preventing the covid 19 spread.
  • Mix technology with other being. The other day while watching TV, the Prisons spokesperson talked of those capable to make use of teleconferencing, where those in prisons would be connected to courts for their scheduled hearings using the internet. And yes, it is possible because even me, I have been using it with my business partners.
  • That if you can, farm. During this pandemic, people suffered because of hunger. Yes, with no food, surviving alomost became impossible. Since the body requires food and water to survive well, having no food access was deadilier. For those who had something small in the back yards or farms, live has been a good one. No food buying, etc.. Just surviving to beat the pandemic.
  • To the government, prevention is better than cure. Also, being prepared means ability to tackle problems instantly as they happen. If for example there was food in the reserves, wow, everyone would be given food like it happened in the US, UK, etc without considering the individual status. Oh yes, its more than 2months of no work, with the 13 boys, girls and women, do you expect me to be left with any much? Oh no, we all need food.

What I shared above are just a few of the lessons I have learned during this Covid 19 pandemic. Thousand of things have happened and continue to do so with the only way you have to being taking note of, and making use of.

As we wait business to re-open again be fully or partially, I urgue you to stay alive. And the only way to make it is following what has been recommended by the health experts.

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