Liberia: Consultancy – Final Evaluation of Improving Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival Project in Liberia

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Organization: Canadian Red Cross
Country: Liberia
Closing date: 20 Sep 2015


The evaluation of this project will be carried out as part of the accountability requirement for all stakeholders the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) of the Canadian Government, Canadian Red Cross Cross (CRC), and Liberian Red Cross Society (LNRCS).

Estimated dates:This evaluation comprises of endline survey and qualitative data collection. Data collection for the end-line survey should finish by November 2015 and the final report, which incorporates various components of the evaluation must be completed by the middle of January 2016.

Location of consultancy: Monrovia- Liberia, sample from 179 communities in three counties Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Gedeh in Liberia, and other location such as Ottawa for CRC staff (phone or skype or in person data collection), etc.

2.0Background of the Program/Project

Summary information of the project covered in this TOR is as follows:

Title of the ProjectImplementer Donor Geographic areas Improving maternal, newborn and child survival in Liberia Liberian National Red Cross Society/LNRCS Government of Canada (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, DFATD) and public funds received by Canadian Red Cross Society 179 communities in three counties , Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Gedeh

3.0Evaluation Scope

Scope of this evaluation:

  1. Scope of sector and time-frame of intervention: Mother Newborn Child Health (MNCH) sectors from the beginning to end of the project.
  2. Scope of evaluation criteria: effectiveness, sustainability and impact
  3. Scope on stakeholders: staff and volunteers of implementing partners, CRC staff in Ottawa and in-country, former project staff, government partners and local authorities (e.g., MoH), and both women and men in the communities the project serves.
  4. Scope of program sites: sampling frame is population in all sites (for the end-line survey, see the survey protocol in the Annex).

4.0 Evaluation Process, Deliverables and Timelines

Evaluation Management Structure

Evaluation Management Team: The evaluation management team will comprise of CRC-HQ Evaluation Manager, Program Manager for Africa, CRC-HQ Health Advisor. The management team will oversee the evaluation and with the evaluation team to ensure that it upholds the expected quality of the evaluation. It will make a decision on the final TOR, the inception report, and the final report.

In-Country Coordinator and Supervisor: Once the selected consultants start the implementation of the evaluation in Liberia, they are required to maintain coordination with and report to CRC Liberia Project Coordinator and Head of Monitoring and Evaluation of LNRCS. CRC and LNRCS’ focal points in Liberia are responsible for

a. Assuring that the consultant/firm is provided with the specified documents, human resources and logistical support, and answer day-to-day enquiries.

b. Facilitating the work of the consultant/firm with beneficiaries and other local stakeholders.

c. Monitoring the daily work of the consultant/firm and flag concerns.

Intellectual property: All quantitative and qualitative data are property of CRCS, and LNRCS. Authorship for publication will be discussed during the contract. All these issues will be outlined in the contract between CRCS and the consultants.

5.0 Key Activities and Deliverables:

The evaluationwill be led by a team of external evaluators. The summary of the tasks of the external consultants, deliverables and timelines are summarized below:

Activities and DeliveriesNo of working

days Deadline End-line Survey: To carry out the end-line survey (i.e., finalize the questionnaire for the survey, select supervisors and volunteers, collect and analyze the data, and write the report)


  • The inception report [final questionnaire a timeframe with firm dates for deliverables, and the travel and logistical arrangements for the team] – the survey design will replicate the baseline survey. The inception report is done based on desk-review of relevant project documents.
  • Training of enumerators and pilot data collection tools (7 days), quantitative and qualitative data collection (15 days) and analysis, and prepare the preliminary findings report (23 days)
  • Submit preliminary findings and debriefing to CRC (1/2 day) 10 days

45 days

1.5 days 10 days after signing of the contract

By the middle of December 2015

By the end of December 2015 Final report: To prepare the final report, which consolidate all the findings collected by various evaluation methods and parties (see Section 4)

· Final report after receiving comments 4 days By the end of January 2016 Total number of days 60.5 working days

6.0 Report Outline and Guideline on Provision and Adoption of Comments to the Report

The final report will follow the outline below:

· Executive Summary (a max of 8 pages)

· Main Body of the Report (no more than 60 pages)

· Annexes

Evaluation Quality & Ethical Standards

The evaluators should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the evaluation is designed and conducted to respect and protect the rights and welfare of the people and communities involved and to ensure that the evaluation is technically accurate and reliable, is conducted in a transparent and impartial manner, and contributes to organizational learning and accountability. The evaluator will sign and adhere to the Canadian Red Cross Code of Conduct.

It is also expected that the evaluation will respect the seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent: 1) humanity, 2) impartiality, 3) neutrality, 4) independence, 5) voluntary service, 6) unity, and 7) universality. Further information can be obtained about these Principles at:

7.0 Qualifications

The candidates will be selected based on proposed budget, quality of previous similar report, availability, and team members’ qualifications.

Requirements for the Evaluation Team

  • It must be a team of internationally reputable university or consulting firm. It is preferable to include team members who speak local language. The international team is preferred to have previous experience of working in Liberia. Having completed at least 4 large scale surveys that have similar complexity as the survey protocol of the end-line survey.
  • Previous experience of completing large scale final evaluation.
  • Strong knowledge of quantitative and qualitative evaluation/research methods
  • The team must include technical expert in MNCH.
  • Previous experience in using mobile phone for conducting a large-scale survey.
  • Previous experience in publishing articles in several international peer-reviewed journal are preferred.
  • Good facilitating and diplomacy skills

How to apply:

8.0 Application should include:

  1. Curricula Vitae(CV)
  2. Proposal outlining consultant/firm expertise (details below), field team, consultant/form division of labor, workplan and budget
  3. Cover letter clearly summarizing your experience as it pertains to this final report, your daily rate, and three professional references (for those who have not worked for the CRCS in the past 3 years).
  4. At least one example of an evaluation report most similar to that described in this TOR.

Proposal outline

A suggested format for the proposal is outlined below:

  • Consultant/firm Expertise: This section should highlight past experience of the consultant/firm in conducting sample surveys, preferably with complex sample designs and in developing countries using cell phones for data collection. The section should mention names, qualifications and experiences of only persons who would be involved in key aspects of conducting the survey, along with the level of efforts.

· Field team: Provide the number of persons needed for data collection and listing operations, by position.

· Consultant/firm division of labor: Provide information on key professionals, their prior experience and level of effort for the different activities of the survey (e.g., training, oversight of data collection, data analysis). A suggestive matrix is provided below:

Name of personLevel of effort (number of days) Sample design Questionnaire development Training Field work Data entry and cleaning Data analysis Report writing Presentation of findings

  • Work plan: The proposal should clearly mention details of each and every activity including kind of preparatory work, training, house listing, sampling and data collection work, data entry, data processing and analysis, results and report writing. The time line and person(s) responsible for each activity needs to be clearly mentioned. The consultant must complete the consultancy by end of January 2016.
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· Progress updates:This section should clearly indicate the mechanism that would be used to communicate with CRC officials on regular update about the field activities, coverage rate, data entry status etc.

· Detailed Budget: This section should provide the estimated budget for each activity, clearly mentioning rates and how rates estimated. The training and data collection costs in the field will be borne by CRC. Possible line items are suggested below:

a. Daily rate of key professionals

b. Travel costs

c. Data entry

d. Data analysis and report writing

e. Other costs

The consultant is asked to also include a note regarding budget assumptions, for example any assumptions of costs that will be covered by the Canadian Red Cross.

Interested candidates should submit their application material by September 20th, 2015 to the following email:[email protected] Application material is non-returnable, and we thank you in advance for understanding that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the next step in the application process.

The budget to be included in the proposal should between CAD$40,000 and CAD$73,300 (all inclusive). Please include the fee expectations in CAD$ in your proposal, inclusive of all expenses (listed in detail).

Please contact [email protected] for detailed Terms of Reference.

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