Liberia: Sustainable Charcoal and Mangrove Fuel Wood Production Consultant, Liberia

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Organization: ACDI/VOCA
Country: Liberia
Closing date: 21 Oct 2015

For over 50 years and in 146 countries, ACDI/VOCA has empowered people in developing and transitional nations to succeed in the global economy. Based in Washington, D.C., ACDI/VOCA is a nonprofit international development organization that delivers technical and management assistance in agribusiness, financial services, enterprise development, community development and food security in order to promote broad-based economic growth and vibrant civil society. ACDI/VOCA currently has approximately 34 projects in 26 countries and revenues of approximately $174 million.

Sustainable Charcoal and Mangrove Fuel Wood Production Consultant, Liberia


The Consultant will undertake work in Liberia for ACDI/VOCA in support of the USAID/Liberia People, Rules and Organizations Supporting the Protection of Ecosystem Resources (PROSPER) Program. The primary role of the Consultant will be to assess the feasibility of developing Sustainable Charcoal and Mangrove Fuel Wood Production enterprises in the Barconnie Community to be managed by community-based organizations under development by PROSPER. If such enterprises are determined to be feasible, the consultant will also provide technical advice on governance and management approaches for a sustainable charcoal and mangrove fuel wood production system. If such enterprises are determined to not be feasible, the Consultant will propose other technical and management solutions to reducing unsustainable exploitation of mangrove wood in the Barconnie Community that are more effective and could be implemented by PROSPER. Period of performance will be October 30th, 2015 – December 15th, 2015.Up to 45 working days both in home-country and within Liberia starting on or around November 1, 2015.

In Barconnie Community, PROSPER is testing the following theory of change**:**IF PROSPER can provide viable wood alternatives to local users and suppliers of mangrove sourced fuelwood THEN mangroves will be under less pressure to meet local demand for fuelwood BECAUSE the alternatives will be more economical, provide the same benefits and be easier to source. And IF PROSPER can assist the Community Forest Management Body (CFMB) of the Barconnie Community Forest (CF) to establish and manage large woodlots of fast growing wood species suitable for charcoal production THEN the CF mangrove wood will be under less pressure to be used for charcoal production.

Key Questions for Evaluation:

(1) What is the estimated rate of forest loss for the area’s mangrove system? What are current threats to the system, in addition to harvesting? What is the estimated current level of mangrove wood extraction in Barconnie? Is it sustainable? To what extent is forest loss a function of local community wood harvesting?

2) Are there viable alternative fuel sources that can replace mangrove wood for fish smoking and bakery oven fire wood (or any other purpose for which mangrove wood is harvested)?

(2) Can mangroves (or identified alternatives) be raised at levels equivalent to current levels of harvesting? What would be the process and timeline for producing these alternatives? Are these substitutes likely to be acceptable to users?

(3) Will the (future) CFMB to be able to secure land for this purpose? What would be the process, and an estimated duration of that process? What could/would be the ownership arrangements and who will manage the “woodlots”.

(4) What skills are necessary to manage these woodlots? Are those skills currently present within the community? What would be the costs for mobilizing these skills and who will pay for this? What would / could be the anticipated return on investment for the CFMB/community?

(5) What are key steps communities to measuring sustainable off-take levels?

2.List and Description of Tasks and Deliverables to Be Completed by Project Activity

In close collaboration with the PROSPER Component 3 lead, the Consultant shall carry out and complete the following tasks and deliverables:

A. Conduct in-depth literature review to identify successes, challenges and best practices in establishing community woodlots in general and woodlots in or near mangrove systems in particular. Literature review will also include literature on mangrove use/conservation/woodlots and if this has never worked anywhere.

B. The consultant will design tools, surveys and other needed materials to conduct in-depth site visits and interviews with local community members.

C. To reinforce local capacity, the consultant will conduct the field assessment in collaboration with the Liberia Forest Technology Institute faculty and students, with the possibility of including forestry faculty from other Liberian universities.

D. If the assessment results in the conclusion that Sustainable Charcoal and Mangrove Fuel Wood Production enterprises are viable in the Barconnie Community, the consultant will provide clear guidelines and *how*to establish such woodlots and whether such lots can be sustainably piloted within the remaining life of the project.

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E. If the assessment concludes that such enterprises are not viable consultant will provide detailed sustainable alternatives to be piloted within the LoP.

F. Share key results and recommendations based on field assessments with key PROSPER staff, FDA members and other international and local stakeholders (i.e. Community Forests Working Group (CFWG)

G. Submit a draft and a final report

How to apply:

Please apply by submitting application to [email protected] with “*Charcoal Consultant”* in the subject line. No phone calls please. Only finalists contacted. Women and minorities encouraged to apply. EOE.

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