List Of Google Cloud Ready Recommended Printers Reviewed

You have heard of Google Cloud Print right? How about determining whether your Printer is Clod ready? Regardless of whatever you might be trying to find out in regard to whether the printer you are currently using or planning to buy is cloud recommended or not, this post will help you discover the list.

Briefly, Google Cloud Print is all about virtually printing anything including web forms from your internet connected device including Computers, iOS and Android smartphones and any other. For as long as you have set up well your printer, you can easily get started immediately through your Print account.

Below is the list of those recommended printers which you can make use of with anything to do with Google Cloud.

Lexmark Models

Lexmark MS810, MS812, MX710, MX711, MX810, MX811, MX812, MX610de, X611de, MX611dhe, MX6500, CS510de, CX410e, CX410de, CX510de, C748, X746, X748, C792, X792, C925, X925, C950, X950, X952, X954, 6500e, X548, and others.

Konica Minolta Models

Office Color – Bizhub C3850, C3850FS, C3350, C754, C754e, C654, C654e, C554, C554e, C454, C454e, C364, C364e, C284, C284e, C224, C224e, C036DN, C028DN, C022DN. Office B/W – Bizhub 754e, 754, 654e, 654, 554e, 4750, 454e, 4050, 364e, 284e, 224e and others.

Oki Models

MC362w, MC562w, Monochrome Printers – B412dn, B432dn, B512dn, ES4132dn, ES4191-MULTI, ES4192dn, ES5112dn, ES5162dnw. Color MultiFunction – MB451, MB451dn, MB451w, MB471, MB471w, MB472dnw, MB491, MB491+LP, MB492dn, MB562dnw, MPS2731mc and others.

Lantronix Models

Lantronix® xPrintServer®

Ricoh Models

SP C320DN, C430DN, Color MFP, MP C2800, C3300, C6501, C7501, C3001, C3501, C4501, C5501, C300, C2051, C2551, C3002, C3502, C4502, C5502, C305SPF, Monochrome MFP, 250 ISP, 2553SP, MP301SP, MP30ISPF, 3053SP, 3353SP, 4002, 5002, 6002, 7502, 9002, C3003, C3503, C4503, C5503, C6003, C6502, C8002, Pro 8100, Pro 8110, C305SP and others.

Samsung Models

Home and Personal – Xpress C410W, C460FW, M2020W, M2070W, M2070FW, ML-2165W, SCX-3405W, SCX-3405FW. Home Office and Small Business – CLP-415NW, CLX-4195FW, Xpress M2820DW, M2825DW, M2875FD, M2875FW, C1810W, C1860FW, M2830DW, M2835DW, M2870FW, M2885FW. Large Business – CLP-680ND, CLP-775ND, CLX-6260FD, CLX-6260FW, ProXpress M3370FD, ProXpress M3870FW, M4070FR, M3320ND, M3820DW, M3870FW and others.

Kodak Models

Kodak Hero – 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, 2.2, 4.2. Kodak Office Hero – 6.1. Kodak ESP – C310, 315, 1.2, 3.2, 3.2s. Kodak ESP Office – 2150, 2170 and others.

HP Models

HP ENVY, Photosmart, Deskjet, OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro, OfficeJet Pro X, LaserJet, LaserJet Pro, LaserJet Enterprise, DesignJet and others.

Fedex Models

Print to FedEx Office locations.

Epson Models

Artisan Series – Artisan 730 and 837. Epson Stylus Series – Stylus NX430 and Stylus NX530. Expression Series – Expression Home XP-200, Home XP-300, Home XP-310, Home XP-400, Home XP-410, Premium XP-520, Premium XP-600, Premium XP-610, Premium XP-620, Premium XP-700, Premium XP-800, Premium XP-810, Premium XP-820, Photo XP-850 and Photo XP-950. WorkForce Series – WorkForce 545, 645, 845, WF-2530, WF-2540, WF-2630, WF-2650, WF-2660, WF-3520, WF-3530, WF-3540, WF-7510, WF-7520, WF-7610 and WF-7620. WorkForce Pro and Pro-C Series – Pro WP-4010, WP-4020, WP-4023, WP-4090, WP-4520, WP-4530, WP-4533, WP-4540, WP-4590 and others.

Dell Models

Dell Color Lasers – C2660dn, C2665dnf, C3760n, C3760dn, C3765dnf and C7765dn. Dell Mono Lasers – B1163w, B1165nfw, B1260dn, B1265dnf, B1265dfw, B2375dnf, B2375dfw and others.

Canon Models

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Office All-In-One Printers – PIXMA MX920 series, MX890 series, MX720 series, MX530 series, MX520 series, MX490 series, PIXMA MX470 series, MAXIFY iB4000 series. Photo All-In-One Printers – PIXMA MG8200 series, MG7500 series, MG7100 series, MG6700 series, MG6600 series, MG6500 series, MG6400 series, MG6300 series, MG6200 series, MG5600 series, MG5500 series, MG5400 series, MG4200 series, MG3500 series, MG2900 series, MB5300 series, MB5000 series, MB2300 series, MB2000 series, iP8700 series, iP110 series, iX6800, E560, E480, E460 series. Laser Multifunction Printers – Color imageCLASS MF8580Cdw, Color imageCLASS MF8280Cw, imageCLASS MF6180dw, imageCLASS MF6160dw and others.

Brother Models

EHL Series – HL-3140CW, HL-3150CDW, HL-3150CDN, HL-3170CDW, HL-L8250CDN, HL-L8350CDW, HL-L8350CDWT, HL-L9200CDWT, HL-L2340DW, HL-L2360DW, HL-L2360DN, HL-L2365DW, HL-L2361DN, HL-2560DN, HL-L2305W, HL-L2340DWR, HL-L2360DNR, HL-L2365DWR. EDCP Series – DCP-9020CDN, DCP-9020CDW, DCP-J752DW, DCP-J552DW, DCP-J552N, DCP-J552N -ECO, DCP-J752N, DCP-J952N -B, DCP-J952N -W, DCP-J952N-ECO-B, DCP-J952N-ECO-W, DCP-J957N-B, DCP-J957N-W, DCP-J957N-ECO-B, DCP-J957N-ECO-W, DCP-J152W, DCP-J152N, DCP-J132W, DCP-J132N, DCP-J172W, DCP-J105, DCP-L8400CDN, DCP-L8450CDW, DCP-L2520DW, DCP-L2540DW, DCP-L2560DW, DCP-L2520DWR, DCP-L2540DNR, DCP-L2560DWR. EMFC Series – MFC-9130CW, MFC-9140CDN, MFC-9330CDW, MFC-9340CDW, MFC-J470DW, MFC-J475DW, MFC-J870DW, MFC-J875DW, MFC-J285DW, MFC-J450DW, MFC-J650DW, MFC-J870N, MFC-J980DN -B, MFC-J980DWN -B, MFC-J980DN -W, MFC-J980DWN -W, MFC-J820DN, MFC-J820DWN, MFC-J890DN, MFC-J890DWN, MFC-J6720DW, MFC-J6920DW, MFC-J3520, MFC-J3720, MFC-J6520DW, MFC-J6570CDW, MFC-J6770CDW, MFC-J6970CDW, MFC-J6975CDW, MFC-J200, MFC-L8600CDW, MFC-L8650CDW, MFC-L8850CDW, MFC-L9550CDW, MFC-L2700DW, MFC-L2720DW, MFC-L2740DW, MFC-L2720DN, MFC-L2703DW and MFC-L2700DWR.

You have seen the list above but that’s is not all. You can always refer to your printer manual and see if it is compatible with Google Cloud Print.

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