List of Public Holidays In Uganda 2020

Recognised Public holidays UgandaUganda is land gifted by nature. It is known as the pearl of Africa due to the availability of the different natural resources which are not found in any other part of Africa. If you are planning to travel to Uganda or even live and work in Uganda, how about taking note of the Recognized public holidays in Uganda 2020?

I personally believe that keeping note of this list of the different public holidays in Uganda 2020 will be of great help towards you staying organised, marking up your calendar so you do what you are supposed to do on such a day. It has ever happened and still happens that people end up accessing offices on days which are holidays to them but not recognized, and so you must avoid landing into this.

What happens on Public holidays in Uganda?

  • Public offices remain closed.
  • Private offices also remain closed.
  • Banks remain closed.
  • People movement is sometimes low during the day
  • Etc

Recognized public holidays in Uganda 2020

January 01New year
January 26NRM Day
February 16Archbishop Janani Luwum Day
March 08Women’s day
April 19Good Friday
April 22Easter Monday
May 01Labor day
June 03Martyrs day
June 05Eid al-Fitr
June 09National Heroes day
August 12Eid al Adha
October 09Independence day
December 25Christmas day
December 26Boxing day
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Please note that known weekend holidays remain and are not included in the public holidays list Uganda 2020 table above.

Windup: Now that you are well aware of the recognized public holidays in Uganda 2020, You should stay tuned to the list of these important days since they will help you stay informed.

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