List Of Services You Can Pay Using Mobile Money Transfer

With the introduction of what is known as the Mobile Money Transfer services, a service which allows any one who is registered and those who are not registered to transfer money directly from their mobile phones to other phones whether on a same network provider or a different one but within a specific country, there are a lot of services which have been added and or are on their way to be added to the same mobile money services just like you can see many paying for goods and services using the exact way.

Many of the end users have found mobile money services as alternatives to the old ways and forms of money transfer on a localized level like money gram, western union and banks since with this service, it takes a few minutes if not seconds for one to complete a transaction without going through the touch identification requirements, and below are some of the services which you can pay/complete using the mobile money option.

1. Bills like Invoices and Ad-hoc.

2. School fees including primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

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3. Pay and or Renew Pay TV Subscriptions for example DSTV and others

4. Utilities like Water and Electricity

5. Goods and services.

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