List Of Top VPS Free Hosting Service Providers To Try

Virtual Private Server Hosting is known to offer users with a much more and wonderful experience due to its features and which is the reason as to why many individuals, companies, businesses, corporate entities and others are constantly and increasingly switching from the traditional shared hosting to the VPS-Hosting since many believe that its he only way to achieve success when it comes to the running websites regardless of the traffic and usage.

Some of the Virtual Private Server hosting features include but not limited to being more dependable, reliable, secure, powerful, best servers, dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) option and many others in addition to offering users with a much more bandwidth and space as opposed to the shared hosting services which many have been used to, or the traditional one. And while many of the VPS providers are known to offer paid plans, there are some others which offer users full free or trial free plans which can be used by those who want to enjoy free hosting just like it happens on the other hosting types.

And if you have been looking for the free Virtual private Server hosting, just keep reading since in this blog post, I did compile a list of the free ones, and will continue adding all new service providers so that anyone who is looking out for the same will easily be able to get what he or she is looking for and below we go.

1. YoCats – These offers you a free Virtual Private Servers and unlimited hosting, up to 100 Gigabytes of bandwidth, a disk space of up to 10 GB, an Easy Website Builder, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), MySql, cPanel, VPS Hosting, No contract and set up fees, No hidden costs, an Ads free usage and many others which you can make use of provided you follow the set terms and conditions for use. You can get started on YoCats by visiting

2. FreeVPS – Here, you get access to attached unlimited storage, free Windows Server option, RAM of up to 64 Gigabytes, dedicated resources, vCPU, FTP back up, unlimited bandwidth and many others. You can try them by visiting

3. VPS.Me – Free users get up to 348 MB memory limit, up to 0.6 Ghz guaranteed CPU, 5 Gigabytes disk space, up to 10 GB bandwidth, dedicated IP address, dedicated IPv6 address, full root access and very many others which you may need in addition to an upgrade option. Try them by visiting

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The list will always be updated with additions of any new free VPS providers as we get to know them. All you need to do is to stay subscribed.

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