How To Log Out Of Gmail On Android, iPhone, Or Computer

how to sign out of gmail on android

Signing out of Gmail means logging out of the Google account associated with your device. On your Android, iPhone, or computer, this tutorial has the instructions you must follow in order to log out of Gmail instantly from Samsung A03s.

Gmail is one of the best free email services available for Android, iOS, and computers. With many users having Gmail linked to their devices, sometimes one needs to sign out for one reason or another for example when switching or upgrading to a new device, or even a web browser.

Regardless of the reason you have, follow the instructions below to log out of Gmail on Android, iPhone, or Computer.

How to sign out of Gmail on Android

sign out of Gmail on Android
  • Tap “Gmail app”
  • Tap the “3 lines”
  • Scroll and tap “Settings”
  • Tap the Gmail email account”
  • Tap “Manage Google account”
  • Tap the “Email account”
  • Tap “Manage accounts on this device”
  • Tap the “Gmail account”
  • Tap “Remove Account”
  • Enter the “Unlock” option like PIN, Pattern

Tapping remove account will remove the “Gmail account” from your Android phone. You can alternatively go to “Settings >> accounts >> tap on the Gmail account >> remove account >> confirm unlock option >> remove account”. In order to log out of Gmail from Chrome for Android, you must disable Airplane mode since you will need internet access to complete the process.

How to sign out of Gmail on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

  • Open the “Gmail app”
  • Tap “Profile photo”
  • Tap “Manage accounts”
  • Tap the “Particular Gmail account”
  • Tap “Remove from this device”

Similarly to how it works on Android, tapping on “remove from this device” will instantly log out of that “Gmail account” from your iPhone 11, iPad, and iPod touch device.

How to sign out of Gmail on Computer (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome)

sign out of Gmail on Computer
  • Open “Mozilla Firefox” browser
  • Visit “
  • Click “Sign out” once you are in your email inbox

You can also sign out by visiting >> click profile photo >> click sign out on your laptop or desktop. This will remove the selected “Gmail account” from that particular browser. You have to repeat the steps on the different computer browsers you want to log out of

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