Maama Fina’s Husband, A Sheikh / Top Ranking UPDF Officer, Major Muhammad Kiggundu Shot Dead Together With Aide

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Saturday November 26, 2016 is a day which many will never forget. It is a day when Maama fina’s husband, a sheikh and top ranking UPDF officer, Major Muhammad Kiggundu was shot dead together with his driver Sgt. Mukasa by unidentified men whom witnesses say were ridding on a Boda Boda.

“However much he pleaded not to be killed, the assisins seemed not to listen” Eye witnesses appearing on the different media channels shared how the major and his aide was killed in cold blood. “They shot them too many times”.


As per the different media sources, Sheik Major Muhammad Kiggundu who was in the UPDF official army double cabin registration number D03DF 071 was killed at Masanafu, in Wakiso district during the morning hours of Saturday on his way to “Pearl FM, there after to Salam TV” as quoted on Sanyuka TV Agawiiki to give a word of Allah as a sheik.


According to Eye witnesses as they appeared on the different media channels including televisions, radios and etc, it is said that the assassins came after the UPDF vehicle Kiddundu was in and opened fire hitting the car tire, which rolled it off the road.


Several bullets are said to have been fired and which killed the two on spot. The “four masked” gun men as witness shared did the firing.

The Many Abullets at Major Kigundu's death scene

After the sudden news spreading, many people gathered at the scene both locals, different individuals, security agencies like the police and army, including Maama Fina who arrived as well.


Cries were heard and witnessed while other people made calls to those who were not around to continue spreading the news. Later the bodies were taken to Mulago hospital after to Kibuli and later to the place where the late Sheik Major Kiggundu was laid to rest.


As Ugandans, we have not only lost an Allah’s believer, follower and Muslim sheik, but we have too lost a person who loved his country basing on the fact that he served in the national forces until the day he was brutally murdered.


It is Allah who gives and takes, we will surely miss you. “Inalillahi wainalillahi rajihun”

Maama Fina’s Husband, A Sheikh / Top Ranking UPDF Officer, Major Muhammad Kiggundu Shot Dead Together With Aide

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