How Mailing With Stamps Works

Mailing With Stamps

The process of mailing with stamps is straightforward – you need an envelope, some text written including the recipient’s address, and a stamp. The stamp is a small piece of paper that confirms that the sender paid in order for the letter to be delivered.

If you are new to mailing stamps, this article is for you. Find detailed information on how it works, where to buy forever stamps, and the amount you are likely to spend depending on the size of the letter you send.

Forever Stamps Cost

According to, “A First-Class Mail® Forever stamp costs $0.60 and goes in the upper right corner of the envelope. If your letter is heavier or bigger, or if you want to add extra services, you’ll pay more. A standard postcard stamp costs $0.44. (Large or square postcards will cost more.)

How to send a letter with Mailing Stamps

  • Choose the postcard or envelop
  • Write the recipient and return address
  • Purchase and add your Postage stamp
  • Add your mail to your address box or collection box
  • Your mail will be sent to the recipient’s address

Important Faqs to note

  • The postage stamp is added on the right-hand top corner of the envelope.
  • The recipient or destination address is where the mail is going.
  • The return address is your own address should anything happen and the letter isn’t delivered.
  • The collection box is where mail pending sending is collected.
  • There is always a weight limit for mailing with forever stamps
  • You can mail large package envelops at an additional fee

Final Word

Sending your letter with stamps is one of the best ways to have your letter or postcard delivered for example sending a letter to canada. In addition to being cheap, it is safe and reliable. Happy new year 2023!

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