Maimeite M10 3G 5.0 Inch SmartPhone Review

MAIMEITE 3G MobilephoneFeaturing a 5.0 inch screen size, Maimeite M10 3G is a powerful Chinese made smartphone with a range of specifications anyone would want to own. I have reviewed this mobile phone so you get to know all about this device in detail including pricing and where to buy.

Why go for Maimeite M10 3G?

Maimeite M10 3G is a dual core CPU. This allows it handle task processing faster compared to non-dual core cpu devices. You are on a sure deal to handle all requested tasks instantly without lagging or hanging worries, a very common activity with most low end mobiles.

Being touch screen means easy navigation no matter the task you are doing. There is no worrying about long key pressing and etc, which feature phones do. You simply have to touch on selected apps and off you are ready to execute. This helps on to maximize phone usage since it is a “tap and go” function.

This mobile is CDMA. It supports both 3G and 4G networks which means speed when it comes to internet. With the highest connection speed, you are ready to download all file sizes faster, chat on Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Imo and even watch YouTube videos at glance.

Maimeite M10 runs on Android operating system. It also has 4GB RAM which is self explanatory when it comes to processing speed. Like we all know, RAM plays an important role not only in computers but also in mobile phones. The more the RAM, the faster the processing time. Therefore, with this device’s 4GB RAM, you are good to go in terms of speed.

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Other features include auto focus, gps navigation, mp3 playback, etc. You can enjoy all of your favorite downloaded or shared MP3 songs on the go. You are also worry free when it comes to getting “lost” be riding or driving since GPS navigation will take control of your mapping and routing needs.

Pricing and where to buy?

If you want to buy this Maimeite M10 smartphone, you can do that off Alibaba at $36 (quoted at the the time of posting). On the same store, you are able to order as a wholesaler and enjoy the known benefits of this international shopping site. Additionally, the price above is consumer friendly when compared with other buying options for related devices.

Written by KWS Adams

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