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Marvel Statues If you’re a collector of your favorite Marvel characters, Marvel statues are a brilliant option for you. As opposed to action figures, these statues are normally bigger but also significantly more detailed. Whereas action figures are designed to be played with, these statues are more suited to being a decoration in your living room.

There’s a range of different statues that are available but our personal favorites are Kotobukiya statues. Whilst Kotobukiya statues are going to cost you more than a marvel action figure, their marvel statues are undisputedly beautiful. For example, Beast (from X-Men), is particularly excellent. The first thing that you notice when you look at this statue is the pure quality of it. It’s highly detailed and looks just as the character looks on screen. The blue is exactly the right color, his legs are perfectly designed to show his undeniable muscles and his fur looks fantastic. The character is truly easy on the eye and the attention to detail that has gone into creating the statue will please any marvel fan. It is painstakingly detailed and you can tell that significant effort has gone into designing and create the statue. Any Marvel fan would love this as a gift.

When it comes to [[[Marvel statues]]], there’s a huge range for you to choose from. When you like a TV show, it’s unlikely that you’re going to like every single character. This means that sometimes when only the main characters are created as statues or replicas you might not find your favorite character. With these statues, there’s a massive range. There really is something for every fan of the Marvel universe. Whether you’re after a superhero, super-villain or just a plain old human from the films and tv shows, there’s a statue!

Despite saying earlier on that statues will cost more than an action figure, they’re certainly worth the money that you pay. Especially for big fans of the Marvel franchise, they won’t be able to deny the quality of these statues. Even though it costs more, it’s worth the money if it is something that you want to keep for years. Whilst [[[action figures]]] can be displayed in the short-term, this is something that you can display for years on end without it losing its quality. Whilst the prices go up to £100, in the future there’s potential for these statues to be worth much more. That means that if you plan on selling your Marvel statue to somebody else in 20 years, you could make a huge profit. Did you know that the value of a statue might double if not triple? In fact, it could turn out that it’s worth more than triple what you’ll pay for it now. Here’s some of our favourite statues and a brief description about them:

Hulk: The hero with an attitude, Bruce Banner turned into this green beast as a result of saving an ignorant teenager from a ticking gamma bomb. This replica features the Hulk with an angry snarl on his face, baring his teeth. This statue features the Hulk’s bursting muscles and veins popping out of his arms. It’s truly amazing how accurate this statue is to the Hulk of the films. This figure stands at 10 inches tall and comes in an illustrated box.

Wolverine: Wolverine, the claw-wielding X-Men hero, is one of our favorite statues. Manufactured by Kotobukiya, this statue emphasises Wolverine’s muscle whilst he’s moving forward with his claws fully extended. This statue is 7.3 inches tall and also comes in an illustrated box. Interestingly, this is based on an illustration by Adi Granov that was drawn exclusively for the creation of this statue.

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Cyclops: Cyclops looks great in this highly detailed statue. Despite having a smaller build than the previous two characters, this statue also emphasises the muscles of the hero as he also looks set to engage the endless stream of dangerous enemies.

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