Medieval Motives In Modern Design

Grey loft eco-friendly design of 2017 turned into natural wood, animal skin, bronze kitchen utensils. What else will offer designers this year to make your home convenient and trendy.

Most Expected Trends in Home Design in 2020-2020

Making your home a place you want to live in is a trendy business. Every year top interior designers are following trends in fashion, art, innovations, and other fields touring a new beach to what is called interior design. The inspiration comes from nowhere. However, there are common tendencies, which are going to be implemented in 2020. I write my paper with a list of popular design techniques to use this year

  1. Natural materials

Most trends come from the past, in this case, use of natural materials comes from the long-ago. It is not obvious that horns, real or faux animal skin, feather, wood, and concrete will decorate the 2020 and 2020 modern homes. Tendency comes from overall love to natural and biomaterials in the world. Use of recycled items came from 2017. However today we observe variety of furniture and decor made of craft wood, boon, pith or concrete. Especially beloved are boon chairs and tables combined with glass or hide. Concrete floor or wall will be the perfect solution for loft spaces. Decor made of concrete is still popular.

  1. Bronze and gold

Imagine a fireplace and a convenient warm fur next to it which covers wooden parquet, rough concrete journal table and a few tree stub chairs and wine. What is missing? Bronze dishes, fireplace accessories, candles in golden holders. All these accessories will be popular this year. The tendency completes the line of craft natural materials and eco-design. Polished brass and bronze finish make statements in knobs and knockers. It would be a good idea to make lamps, kitchen utensils, vases, elements of decor in bronze or gold.

  1. Silver

It is reasonable to play with metallic this year. We are not talking about forks, knife and door handles, but about textile, plates, and other unexpected metallic elements. This trend comes from the love to concrete and grey background colors during a few past years. Today we can use silver elements of decor, metallic colors for pillows and covers, candles and other details. Together with gray walls and concrete elements, it might become a stylish place to live this year. Moreover, the combination of gold, silver, and bronze might become a brave provocation.

  1. Geodes and gems, jewel tones
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Natural colors of gems and geodes were always attractive not only in jewelry but also as a separate house accessory. It is possible to decorate shelves, bed boxes, mirrors, tables with various geodes. The colors of gems are also popular. Emerald, amethyst, indigo blue make a big statement. The trend is also popular not only in home design but also in fashion. Noble colors are the main trend of latest collection. Rough gems look very attractive in a golden or silver gem-cutting. A few crystals of geodes would be a beautiful decoration of your bedroom, living room or dining room.

  1. Overdyed

Modern designers are looking for rich, saturated colors complementing the classics. Dark colors are the best addition to textile-like velour. The ancient motives are seeking implementations in homes of modern society. Not only pillows but also pholstery of furniture. Novelty of middle age returns line of character. Not only textile but also lines, forms, accessories, colors and other accents remind the interior design of an average medieval house. Together with bronze, wood, fur, and horns.

  1. Bright accents

The palette of 2020 quite differs from what designers used to represent in 2017. Today only warm colors are trendy such as whole gradient from lemon yellow to red and fuchsia. This is a good reason to paint the part of the whole accent wall. Bright, warm colors are welcomed in furniture and curtains. Any textile element will turn your home into a modern and stylish apartment. However, the usage of bright elements must be limited. One or two accents the trendy requirements. Leave the rest of the walls white, ivory or any other neutral palette. The most trendy color is so-called wood heart.

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Written by KWS Adams

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