Meet “Free Internet Browser”, The App Which Allows You Browse The Internet For Free With Free Zone

Free Internet Browser on pc and mobile Gone are the days when access to free internet was very hard to find. With the recent changes and developments in technology,  lots of computer and mobile applications have been developed and thus making it easy almost for every one to have access to browse internet for free on android, iPhone, Mac, PC and etc. It is in this same development where this Free Internet Browser app has been made available and offered for free.

Besides giving you access to browsing the internet at no charge, this Internet Browser software has additional benefits which includes but not limited to the following below;

  • Worth of 10 Rupees top-up recharge on every use of 1 GB Data.
  • Lightweight loading and optimize the speed of internet.
  • Blocks fake website and fishing ads.
  • Avoids background data consumption tasks.
  • Data usage status on your main page.
  • Multi-tabbing.

Free Internet Browser app for mobile is very faster when it comes to accessing the web no matter what the speed of your network is. Whether you are connected currently to 2g, 3g or 4g speeds, this browser will boost up the speed while helping you save data.  You can download the free internet software here from Google play.

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Offered by FI.Free Internet, this mobile app has so far received a 4.2 rating out of 5, something which helps to tell that indeed this is likely a super application worth to use. A Rupee saved when combined at the end of the month or day is worth many Rupees. And why not grab such a chance?

On the PC side, accessing free Internet is very easy. All you need to do is to locate a Free WiFi Hotspot area, move in with your laptop and join the available network. Trust me you will be able to surf the net unlimited and thus saving you lots of Rupees and UGX which you would have used to purchase a data bundle or recharge. Check out this full list of Free WiFi Hotspots all around India…

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