Mega Doz On Delta TV Vs Ful Doz On Bukedde – A Choice Btn Katongole Omutongole & Mary Flavia Namulindwa

Katongole Delta TV vs Flavia Bukedde Both Mega Doz on Delta TV, and Ful Doz on Bukedde Television are shows which almost contain similar “stuff” besides the fact that one is hosted by a lady, while another is by a male presenter. It should be noted that Katongole Omutongole who hosts Mega Doz on Delta TV is the very same person who used to host Bukedde TV’s Ful Doz show, and which is now hosted by Lady Mary Flavia Namulindwa, back in the days before he quit.

And finally, two different television channels airing almost a same program but with different Show names and different hosts. This sees Mega Doz on Delta TV by Katongole while Ful Doz by Flavia on Bukedde Television. For fans, this is all they want – watching two different but almost similar programs and on two different TV channels, and a choice when it comes to choosing who is the best.

And for the hosts, it’s a chance for all of them to prove who is better than the other, and which to a common man like me, helps me enjoy the best out of the competition. And who doesn’t know that competition helps in improving quality? The more this happens, the better for readers to get the best out of it all.

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One interesting fact is that both Mega Doz On Delta TV and Ful Doz On Bukedde, you are able to find the latest hot gossip, “ekibozibozi”, top hit song by viewers and very many others, and which to me is like Mega Doz on Delta TV Vs Ful Doz On Bukedde.

What is your choice when the two are lined up just for you to make a choice? Over to you and whatever your decision or choice may be. As for me, all hosts – Katongole and Flavia are good. It is only that you can never know who has an extra since I also don’t know.

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