Mega Millions Winning Numbers / Tickets Phone/Email Scam

Mega Millions Scam / Fraud alert 2016 This is an alert about the fresh ongoing Mega millions winning numbers and tickets phone and email scam. This is an awareness post so that you can know about it before you fall a victim of the scammers. Like always, its another round of this scam activity which which is targeting innocent people like me. What happens is that one either receives a phone call, or an email message or both. The caller tells you how the Mega Millions ticket you bought has the winning numbers.

And in process, one is requested to submit in his or her personally information which may include names, phone numbers and etc. Just like it happened to me this very day, I am very scared that many of you out there have already received same messages. For you are reading this, you are lucky since at this moment, I am sure something has come up in your mind about this ongoing Mega Millions winning numbers and tickets scam.

How do you tell that the call or email you received is Scam?

Just like I asked myself this same question the moment I saw the email message, I am sure you too are wondering right? The fact is that there are very many signs which you can look at and know that the Mega millions winning ticket numbers alert call is fake and scam. In below are some of those visible things to help you identify whether you are being scammed as shared on Megamillions website.

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1. Mega Millions is not an organization. If someone claims to be “from Mega Millions,” that’s a warning sign.
2. If you didn’t buy an actual Mega Millions ticket, you haven’t won Mega Millions. You can’t win a legitimate lottery if you didn’t buy a ticket.
3. No real lottery tells winners to put up their own money in order to collect a prize they have already won. If you have to pay a fee to collect your winnings, you haven’t won.
4. Mega Millions is only played in the United States. If you receive a call or e-mail from outside of the U. S., or if you’re told the prize is in pounds, euros, or anything other than dollars, that is a warning sign.
5. If you have caller-ID on your phone, check the area code when someone calls to tell you you’ve won. If it is from outside of your home state, that is a red flag. Also, be aware that some con artists use technology that allows them to disguise their area code: although it may look like they’re calling from your state, they could be anywhere in the world.
6. Many scams operate outside of the U. S., so be suspicious if an e-mail contains misspellings or poor grammar, or if the person who calls you speaks broken English.
7. If you are told that you need to keep your “win” confidential, be suspicious.
8. Just because Mega Millions is mentioned does not necessarily make it a real prize. Scammers often use the Mega Millions name without permission.
9. If you are told the “prize” can be wired directly into your bank account, do not give out your bank account or other personal information.
10. If you are told that you can “verify” the prize by calling a certain number, that number may be part of the scam. Instead of calling it, you should look up the name of the lottery or organization on your own to find out its real contact information.

Guess what, in the email I received about my fake winning notification, the sender used a fake email. In fact, he went on to tell me how my winning was drawn from the the email address list which were drawn. This showed me how it was a pure scam / fraud and which prompted me to share this with. You now know, its time to share this post with others so that they don’t fall victims.

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