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Public Service Commission Uganda Job Shortlist 1

Public Service Commission Uganda Shortlist Out – Principal Inspector Districts, Principal Inspector Urban, Principal Urban Officer, Senior Inspector District Job Opportunities

The long awaited shortlist for the District and Urban level Uganda public service commission jobs which was advertised some months back in this very 2016 is finally released. Unlike NIRA which has not posted...

Tax Preparation 0

Surprising But Unusual Facts About Tax Preparation

So long as humans inhabit the earth and governments rule over people, there will always be taxes. Modern people are burdened by taxation related activities. Tax preparation companies lift these burdens. They relieve people...

Hurricane Matthew 2016 0

Trending Info about Hurricane Matthew and Impacts

Here are trending information and news about Hurricane Matthew, the strong tropical cyclone which has impacted many parts including Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and moving along the east coast of the...

Sala Puleesa Promotion By Drinking A Pepsi, Miranda Or Mountain Dew 3

Join Sala Puleesa Promotion By Drinking A Pepsi, Miranda Or Mountain Dew, SMS Code To 8777, Win With Crown Beverages Like Airtime, Smartphones, Cars, T-Shirts, Motor Bikes, Plasma TV’s and Lots Of Other Prizes

Sala Puleesa is an instant Win promotion by Crown beverages Uganda where everyone stands a chances to walk away with one of the million prizes being offered. And just like its already happened to...

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