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  • office driver job interview questions

    13 Common Office Driver Interview Questions

    Being well prepared is the first step towards passing an office driver job interview questions, or even that of a taxi driver. In many cases, candidates seeking for jobs end up failing to pass interviews not because they are not qualified, or don’t know what to answer, but rather, the reasons being; over excitement, not […] More

  • graduate with no work experience

    5 Ways To Gain Work Experience After Graduation In Uganda

    You can gain work experience after graduation in Uganda when you follow the guide in this article. If you’ve tried searching for an entry level job after college, you might have already noticed how most employers are asking for practical experience. And since many college attendees don’t work while studying, making use of these ways […] More

  • assessment and development centres best practice guidelines

    What Is Assessment And Development Centre?

    An assessment center is a point by point assessment of an individual’s part fitment by surveying him or her on different angles required to be effective on the work performed. It isn’t a physical area, but a handle utilized by organizations to survey their workforce for different reasons. An assessment and development center utilizes different […] More

  • Benefits Of Becoming A Legal Secretary In London

    Benefits of Becoming a Legal Secretary in London

    Approximately 311,000 people work in the legal industry across the U.K, the legal sector is worth about 26bn to the U.K economy and London is the hub of the legal industry. Many of the worlds law systems have been based on U.K common law and due to its reputation and rich history, the U.K is […] More

  • UGVS programme

    Uganda Graduate Volunteer Scheme Fresh Graduate Opportunities

    UGVS is hiring!The Uganda Graduate Volunteer scheme (UGVS) is supported by the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Programme with the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) as Lead Partner. The initiative aims to provide young graduates with work place skills through placements in different work spaces. These could […] More

  • Application_success_gzuk82

    How to Apply for Uganda Graduate Volunteer Scheme (UGVS)

    This guide straight away takes you through the procedures you should follow when applying for the Uganda graduate volunteer scheme (UGVS) programme with images. If you have been wondering how you could join this fresh graduate opportunities supported by the UNDP and UNV, then this article will surely guide you. This UGVS programme which is […] More

  • Highest paying jobs today

    15 Best Jobs That Make a Lot Of Money 2021

    If you are looking for those best jobs which will help you make a lot of money, then you might consider trying out the ones listed below. This compilation puts into consideration up to 15 highest paying jobs not only for this year 2020, but too for the coming years basing on history. Being employed […] More

  • How to Make Real Money Growing Pumpkins in Uganda

    How to Make Real Money Growing Pumpkins in Uganda

    Between 95 to 120 days, a farmer who planted Pumpkins is ready to start reaping profits. You can’t imagine the much you are likely to get the moment you start harvesting this ready market food. Trust me, if you have been wondering something you would farm or grow in Uganda and make real money, Pumpkins […] More

  • Acted Internship Placement

    How To Apply/Get Internship With ACTED

    Wondering how you can enhance your career to the next level through Internship with ACTED? This guide is for you as it does share with you how you can get started, what you need to do, what you are required and where to get started. All you need in order to get an internship placement […] More

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