Most Astonishing Sydney Parks

Australia is the driest continent in the world, but nevertheless, Sydney displays one of the most beautiful groups of parks in the world. Not only that they are green, incredibly clean and meticulously cultivated, but they are also outstandingly bright and they look so cheerful. The fact that they get so much sunlight most probably helps that brightness of theirs and unique ambiance.

It is a real pleasure getting tired from walks all over Sydney, because only when you are dead tired, you really understand the full beauty of Sydney parks. Imagine that you have been walking for a couple of hours under the merciless Australian sun and then you find a peaceful cove in one of those parks. For tour and travel fans, guides are vital.

You let your hair fly in the wind and your sweat be carried away by the soothing ocean breeze. Only a few minutes ago you thought you were about to have a sunstroke and now, while sitting in the shade of these palms, you feel like a zebra in an oasis.

Sydney Park

Little Manly Point Park

Situated at the coastline, this beautiful park is situated near Little Many Beach, in the Manly area. The great thing about this park is that it can be treated as a beach-park, since it is almost on the shore. It is only 200m away from Manly beach, so a family can have a nice combination of swimming periods and resting periods in the park. Also, the park has amenities for barbecue, a children’s playground and bike-paths, as well.

Cook Park

The name of this park does not mean that you have to cook here (men, come back!), but that it was named after James Cook. This park is about 5 mi long and it has perfect bike-paths for bike riders, scooter rushers and rollerblades enthusiasts. The length of this park is also perfect for joggers and ordinary walkers, too. Also, the number of cafes and restaurants offers a great variety of meals and drinks. So, it is possible after all that someone cooks in this park, but only for you.

Sydney parks

Centennial Park

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When you get tired from a charming Bondi to Coogee walk, you could just get into the inland part of the city and have a rest in Centennial Park. In addition to all the ordinary things that you can do in Sydney parks, in Centennial Park you can also ride a horse. This unique experience will make you come back to this great park, no matter if you are a Sydneysider or a newcomer. Also, if you happen to get here at dusk, you can get a fine hotel among comfortable Randwick accommodation facilities. This area is definitely one of the most abundant areas in Sydney.

When coming to Sydney for the first time, be very careful to move to the shade in the early afternoon hours. If you really have to go for a walk during that period, make breaks in Sydney parks as often as possible. Their freshness and the light wind coming from the ocean will help you pull yourself together and continue with your Sydney sightseeing tour.

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