Are Motorcycle Half Helmets Safe?

Motorcycle Half Helmets

Half helmets are an option if you’re interested in riding a motorcycle but don’t want the added weight of a full-face helmet. But, are they safe or even legal? What do they look like? Will I feel wind or rain through them? I’ve got all the answers for you below.

What are half helmets?

A half helmet is a motorcycle helmet that protects the top and sides of your head but leaves the chin exposed. They’re popular with motorcyclists because they are lighter than full-face helmets and less expensive than full-face models.

There are two types of half helmets: open face (or “open”) and closed face (or “closed”). The difference between them is in how much protection they provide to your neck area: open-face helmets have little or no coverage around this area; closed-face ones do include some protection there as well as at other points on the head where the impact could occur during an accident.

How much do they cost?

You can buy a half helmet for between $10 and $200 at stores like Amazon. The most expensive full-face helmets cost about $400.

Half helmets are a cheaper alternative to full-face helmets when you’re on a budget, but if you do have the money and want to get the best protection possible, it might be worth paying even more for one of these higher-quality pieces of equipment.

Why are they more popular than full-face?

  • They’re lighter and less bulky.
  • They’re cheaper, too.
  • They’re easier to put on and take off, too.
  • And they feel better than the full-face helmet because there’s no chin strap to deal with!

Are there disadvantages to using one?

If you’re looking for a full-face helmet, the half-helmet is not for you. The main disadvantage of the half helmets is that they don’t offer as much protection and can actually be dangerous if used incorrectly. They also don’t have chin straps, so if your head moves forward or backward while riding it could cause serious head injuries.

If you do decide to wear one of these helmets and want to make sure your safety is up to par, keep in mind that they are designed with two different types of padding: foam inside (to absorb impact) and polystyrene (to keep air flowing). This means that if there’s an accident involving other vehicles or pedestrians then this extra protection may help save lives!

Are they safe and legal?

Yes, half helmets are very safe and legal in most states. They are designed for men, women, and adults. They have face shields and are dot approved.

If you’re looking for a full-face helmet, check your state laws before buying a half helmet. Some states require full helmets and others only allow them if you are riding over 55 mph or on certain roads (like highways).

If you want to feel the wind in your hair, but stay safe while you’re at it, then a half helmet might be right for you.

If you want to feel the wind in your hair, but stay safe while you’re at it, then a half helmet might be right for you. Half helmets are lightweight and aerodynamic, offering more protection than no helmet at all. They’re also more comfortable than full-face helmets, which can make them an attractive alternative if you have trouble breathing or have a particularly small head size.

They’re also less expensive than full-face helmets—in fact, they cost around 50% less on average! And finally: because they don’t cover so much of your head (a big plus for some riders), storing and carrying this type of equipment is easier since there’s less bulk to pack into luggage or backpacks


The really cool thing about finding your way to a half helmet is that everyone has their own unique reasons for loving it. For some people, a half helmet lets them feel the wind in their hair without all of the risk of falling or getting hit by an oncoming car. Others just like how they look while riding and think they look like they’re “cooler” when wearing one than with a standard full-face helmet. Still, others want to be seen as being more “extreme” or “badass” than someone who doesn’t wear one at all! Whatever reason takes precedence over another when deciding whether or not you should try out one yourself, there are plenty of benefits associated with these helmets that make them worth exploring further if this sounds like something you might want to experience soon (or someday).

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