MOWT Announces Two Names On Car Registration In Uganda

Very soon, it will be possible to have two names on car registration in Uganda, General Katumba announces. In a media conference held at the MOWT offices in Kampala, Mr. Katumba, the Uganda minister of works and transports announced the new motor vehicle registration changes in Uganda as an ammendment to the act.

One of the long awaited changes was the possibility to have two names added to the motor vehicle registration logbook. This means that if two people own a same vehicle as partners or colleages, it will now be possible for all their names to appear under owners in the logbook.

This moves comes as a replacement to URA’s current single owner, something which only allows a single individual or entity to appear within the motor vehicle logbook under the owner.

According to General Wamala, it is now mandatory to transfer a motor vehicle as soon as a sale is made. And change of ownership records right from importation will be computerised and records kept with MOWT in a centralised registery..

This move is likely to help in dealing with instances where car for example is involved in an accident with ownership details showing an individual or entity who may have sold the motor vehicle very long ago as it has been happening.

It should be noted that currently, the process of registering a motor vehicle particulars right from importation to the current owners is done and handled by Uganda Revenue authority, the same government agency which handles issued related to tax.

The new move of two names on car registration in Uganda is likely to help fight battles which has been existing in the selling of motor vehicles which are owned by more than a single individual where, those whose names appear in the logbooks seem to have been taking things for granted.

As we Ugandan’s wait for this to start working, they should also take note of the announced new driving license which will act a single document in all east african countries as opposed to the current driving permit, and its star ratings.

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