“Mr Bean [Rowan Atkinson] Dead! Committed Suicide”! Another Viral Celebrity Death Hoax, Actor Still Alive..

Mr Beans fake death news picture on social media “I will miss Mr Bean’s comedy movies, so sad the Actor committed suicide”, and many other status messages were seen on the different social media after the fake news of Rowan Atkinson started circulating. This is another round of such hoax news about world celebrities appearing in a same month. In fact, many people felt very touched by Mr Bean’s death after it was reported that the “Comedy star committed suicide due to depression”.

While the internet is well known for being the “one top” positive information source, the same internet takes the lead when it comes to false news and how they rapidly circulate. Such hoax news are heart breaking to many while at the same time, does to the target for example Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean who has been the target in this.

Mr Bean

Just take a look on the photo above, you will realize that indeed, this is hoax. Why? The answer is very simple, the actors date of birth as shown takes him to be only 21 years from the 61 real ones. As always, I am a kind who never accepts any kind of info especially that dealing with death and even this time, I had to find some way of verifying whether it was true Mr Bean had committed suicide and died.

On Wikipedia, a publicly edited site still it remained to present other than 2016. This means that the actor is still alive. Many people both on Twitter, Forums, Facebook and other media are still posting asking questions on whether Mr Bean is dead for sure or not..

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Mr Bean

If you are reading this, I am sharing with you that your favorite actor is still alive. What you have been reading or hearing about him are hoax messages which as usual are being generated by those who are known to do so. But just in case you happen to have real confirmation about news being true, how about sharing with us right here using the comment form.

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