, A Web 3.0-Centred Social Media Platform Based On BSV Blockchain

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my2cents io userscore

My2cents is a new web 3.0-centered social media platform based on BSV Blockchain.

Do you want to know more about this BSV Blockchain social media platform that rewards users in form of peer-to-peer payments when others engage with their content? Let me introduce you to my2cents, I know you’ll love it.

Unlike other existing social media platforms that require members to submit their personal information during sign-up, is different. Users aren’t required to provide any personal information. By choosing a username and password, you are ready to start posting and earning instantly.

My2cents is “the revolutionary social super app” according to its founder, Founder Dr. Maximillian Sinan Korkmaz.

Here’s what Dr. Maximillian Sinan Korkmaz had to say about My2cents.

What is my2cents

As is apparent from the extensive array of platforms on the application, my2cents offers a complete alternative to regular social media platforms that provides many ways for its users to exchange value and be rewarded in BSV for the quality of their content or goods. Signing up for my2cents is easy – you simply need to visit the website, choose a username and password, and then you will receive an automatically generated BSV wallet which is non-custodial, meaning you retain complete control over your own money. You can begin posting immediately without topping up with BSV, although your posts will be kept off-chain and will only be written to the BSV blockchain when you have funds to pay the small miner fees required.‘If you don’t add money to your wallet, your first post will be off-chain and then once you get plusses from other users – a ‘plus’ is similar to ‘likes’ on other platforms – that means you get money from other users. So, with this money, you can pay the miner fees and start posting on-chain. The miners need an extremely small amount of money to transact your money and data; it’s a very small portion of a cent, almost close to zero,’ Dr. Korkmaz explains. When asked why he chose the BSV blockchain as the infrastructure for his social super app, Dr. Korkmaz says it was the only platform capable of supporting his micropayment-based use case. ‘It was a no-brainer, actually. The BSV blockchain enables micropayments; I mean, we have “two cents” in our name – that’s for a reason because every “plus” is two cents, so we need microtransaction capability.’‘The original Bitcoin protocol is stable. That’s also very important for us so that we don’t have much downtime,’ he adds.

How to sign up for an account on My2cents?

create my2cents account sign up

Visit Click sign up. Type in your username, and password, and confirm the password. Check the box to agree that you are over 16 years old and click sign up. Your account will be ready and you will instantly start posting.

My2cent. io userscore

The high your my2cents userscore, the higher you will earn in terms of ad revenue. The UserScore is a measure intended to identify the quality of users’ posts.  The high the quality of your posts, the more ad revenue percentage you will receive thus earning even more., A Web 3.0-Centred Social Media Platform Based On BSV Blockchain

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