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smile internet bundles ugandaSmile Uganda is one of the leading communications provider in the country offering 4G LTE mobile broadband and VOIP services. Smile communications not only operate in Uganda but also in several countries in Africa.

Smile communications objective is to become the broadband provider of choice for SuperFast mobile broadband and SuperClear voice services in their markets including Uganda and other countries of operation  targeting over 300 million potential customers with fast, reliable and high-quality broadband internet.

In this article, I share with you the different data packs or call them internet bundles and their pricing offered by smile communication. Take a look below at the smile data bundles Uganda and make a choice on which is your preferred choice.

Monthly anytime data bundles with Price list

Package validity speed price (UGX)
 500MB 30 days 21Mbps 20,000
1 GB  30 days 2Mbps 32,000
1.5GB 30 days 2Mbps 40,000
 3GB 30 days 21Mbps 75,000
 5GB 30 days 21Mbps 90,000
 10GB 30 days 21Mbps 145,000
20GB 30 days 21Mbps 250,000
50GB 30 days 21Mbps 300,000
o    100GB 30 days 21Mbps 520,000
o    200GB 30 days 21Mbps 1,020,000
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24 hours data bundles

Package validity speed price (UGX)
100MB 24 hours 21Mbps 2,000
200MB 24 hours 21Mbps 3,000
300MB 24 hours 21Mbps 4,500
500MB 24 hours 21Mbps 7,000
1.5GB 24 hours 2Mbps 12,000


Package validity speed price (UGX)
1GB Night 3,000


Package validity speed price (UGX)
5GB 30 days 60,000
10GB 30 days 110,000
20GB 30 days 200,000


Package validity speed price (UGX)
27GB 30 days 4Mbps 179,000
54GB 30 days 6Mbps 330,000
90GB 30 days 6Mbps 550,000

Note: Prices corresponding to the different data packs is subject to change by Smile Uganda. You can view an updated price here just in case you think there is a change.

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