How To Fix Modem Connection Error 619/635/720/678

If you are looking forward to solving your USB Modem/Dongle connection error 619 or 635/720 depending on your internet service provider, then this is the very article you have been looking for. The 619 error on one hand is one which can occur at any time more especially if you happen to use your computer […]

Solution/Fix For USIM/SIM Card Not Detected or Is Invalid

Regardless of your Modem/USB dongle or Broadband you are having but provided you are getting this error of SIM/USIM Card is not Detected or is Invalid, this is the article you got to read since by the time you go through it, you will have discovered the solution for the above problem and how you […]

How To Unlock Huawei E1552/E173/E1750/E220 USB Modems

Have you ever wondered of the possibility of having your Huawei USB Modem unlocked or even turning it universal  in order for you to be able to use it on any network or data service provider? Whether your answer is no or a yes, just know that such a thing is very possible and very […]

How To Unlock Your SIM Invalid Error Modem/USB Dongle

Invalid SIM Error is one common problem with the different modem models and brands by the different provider which comes as a result when the user attempts to insert a SIM card by a different provider for example Orange in  the USB dongle from a different provider like Airtel. Its well known that the different […]

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