Why Everyone Loves Africell Uganda Data Bundles

If you’ve been wondering why everyone loves Africell Uganda data bundles, let me tell why, and why I had to fall in love with the same. For those who know me, they can surely understand why having the best and fast internet connection speed is a must on my side. A few months back, a […]

How To Use Any Sim Card In Alcatel X602D Modem

You can use any other SIM card of choice in the Alcatel X602D modem once you successfully unlock it. I just went through this wireless internet adaptor unlocking process and went back online within a few minutes while using a different sim card (Airtel network) from the default Orange provider. If you are like how […]

How To Use Different Sim Card In Huawei e5330s-2 Router

In order to use any other Sim card in the Huawei e5330s-2 router, you have to first unlock it. And in order to have your device multi-sim supported rather only that of the provider, one has to follow the right procedures. If you want to have your router unlocked in order to use any other […]

Download Wiman Free WiFi APK and Access Free Internet Everywhere

Ever wondered about the possibility of having access to free internet hotspots right everywhere you are? Or do you even know that next to you is a free Internet WiFi hotspot offered by Wiman? Whether your answer is Yes or no and no matter where you are currently station eg Mumbai, Bengaluru, Uganda, Chennai, Kolkata, […]

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