New Upgraded 000Webhost Reviews 2020

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000Webhost domain linking options

This is my 2020 review of 000webhost. If you have been wondering what’s new after the service made changes to its old hosting, then you got to read this post out before you can eventually make a choice to either go for it or simply chose a different free provider. It took me sometime to study almost every new feature and believe me you, what I am sharing below is what exactly you are likely to encounter.

For the past number of years, 000webhost has been one of my best free web hosting service provider. Yes, this has been as a result of what has been provided when compared with what other similar service simply claim to offer. But in this 2020, there have been a whole lot of changes, and which you must know as a user, and only by reading this 2020 reviews.

How did 000webhost work in the past?

Back in the old days before the new changes, 000webhost was one of the easiest services to use. It only required one to create a free account, verify ones email address, log into cPanel interface, chose a sub-domain (not forced) assuming one had no custom domain name, and or or add ones own domain eg

After, one would either use the given nameservers by adding them to his custom domain cPanel, and or even use the given IP address to link the domain fully on 000webhost. The propagation time would range between a minute to 24 hours, after which one would access a custom domain the way it is and there by using it for the created purpose. But now, this is no longer available.

How 000webhost is working currently 2020

After the new changes which are in action to-date, 000webhsot completely changes the way it is working. Basing on experience, chances are that not everyone is able to link the service like it used to be. You still have to create an account which is free, and too verify your email address

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Instead of the add domain or sub-domain, you are redirected to a website list where you have to add a new website (subdomain) under the domain. If for example you want to create, then you end up creating See screenshots below.

000Webhost subdomain names 2017

Yes, when you read the provided tutorials on how to link your domain name, you will be amazed by the end results. When you click on the manage website link, link website and chose use “own domain”, you will be take to the parking page. What does it mean? You have to add the name-severs in your domain control and wait for propagation. When its done, you are able to see see it under your domains.

But guess what, this is like masking, you will access the subdomain site when you visit your custom domain, and too access the site using your free subdomain exactly. This is as if you never used your own domain.

Whats new with 000webhost free hosting 2020?

According to my observations, the new changes are even more complicated. I really wonder if one can even be able to use Google’s blogger mapping. You have an option to either park, use a free subdomain or point your domain. I tried all and was successful with parking and free subdomain but failed with the Pointing. For more than 24 hours, the domain could return an error made by the service provider of how they didn’t find it yet in the panel, it was showing success. May be I missed a thing, oh I can’t tell. But this is my personal review for the service 2020.

New Upgraded 000Webhost Reviews 2020

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