Nicaragua: Human Rights Research and Advocacy Intern, Nicaragua

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Organization: Profesionales para la Auditoría Social y Empresarial
Country: Nicaragua
Closing date: 20 Nov 2015


Central America is being hit with an epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease of nontraditional causes (CKDnT). The population most acutely affected by the epidemic are the sugarcane cutters working in the lowlands of Western Nicaragua. Recent research shows that there is a strong relationship between the sickness and work conditions. Research also shows that many of the same work conditions linked to CKDnT are also in violation of domestic and international laws protecting worker health and safety. For this reason, Profesionales para la Auditoría Social y Empresarial (PASE) has opened a Legal Services Office in Chinandega, Nicaragua focused on serving sugarcane workers, ex-sugarcane workers and their families. The PASE Legal Services Office grew out of a collaboration with La Isla Foundation (LIF), a non-profit organization aimed at tackling CKDnT.

The PASE Legal Services Office directly aids CKDnT affected communities by bringing claims for social security and providing advice on labor violations issues and educational materials related to human rights and labor rights. In addition to direct legal services, the office track trends among clients and engages with international and domestic stakeholders regarding these trends, providing information and recommendations where necessary to advocate for improvements to sugarcane work practices.

PASE (Profesionales para la Auditoría Social y Empresarial) is a Nicaraguan non-profit organization formed in 2003 focused on the labor and human rights of Nicaraguan workers in the agro-industrial sector. PASE has been involved with a range of projects in association with international organizations including the International Labor Organization (ILO), Organization of American States (OAS) and the International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF). Past projects have included trainings of workers, unions and community leaders, legal consulting and investigations of work conditions. For more information about the epidemic and LIF go to . For more information on PASE go to: .


The internship is full-time and requires at least a 3-month commitment. The intern will begin work in January 2016, but the exact start date is flexible.

We are looking for a legal intern who is passionate, energetic, and driven to support our Legal Services Office. The intern will provide legal assistance in the areas of research and analysis of international and domestic human rights and labor law, development of education and outreach materials, aid in the development of the office, assist the supervising attorney with individual cases, and aid in the writing and research of a policy paper to be published in May 2016. Intern must be able to perform small translation projects, English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

Main responsibilities:

-Aid in all aspects of case management, sitting in on individual consultations, conducting relevant research and assisting in client intake.

-Research and analyze domestic, regional, and international laws related to human rights, labor, public health, and social protection issues.

-Contribute to the design, content and distribution of educational and outreach materials for affected populations

-Proofread and edit documents in English and Spanish for relevance and accuracy.

-Work closely with partners in the region to ensure research and advocacy efforts are targeted, informed, and coordinated.

Necessary skills/experience:

-Currently enrolled in law school or have recently obtained JD/Masters/LLM. Demonstrated familiarity with human rights principles, labor law, and development issues.

-Legal research experience

-Ability to work professionally in both Spanish and English.

-Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite.

-Strong written and oral communication skills

-Experience conducting human rights interviews and/or working directly with affected populations

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-Minimum 3 month commitment. Available for University internship credit.

-Interested in the mission and goals of the project.

Internship Conditions:

Legal interns will not be remunerated and are expected to provide funding to support themselves. However, they will receive guidance, mentorship, and a letter of recommendation upon completion of their service. Intern must feel comfortable with traveling and living independently in Nicaragua.

How to apply:

We invite qualified applicants to submit a CV, cover letter (in Spanish or English) and writing sample (in Spanish or English) by email to [email protected] for consideration. Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis until November 20, 2015.

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