Oasis R5 Remote Water Chiller Reviews + Product Features

Oasis R5 Remote Water Chiller The R5 Remote Water Chiller is a product from Oasis, and is of the state of the art, sustainable, water filtering solutions and dispensing which works in both our homes and for commercial uses like in industries. I have reviewed this product so that you can know its features and specification in addition to knowing what it can work for you.

The Oasis R5 Remote Water Chiller has features including but not limited to ” being designed to work in remote installations or in a pressure drinking fountain, serves 5 gallons of 50–Degree F chilled water per hour, can serve multiple drinking fountains, high-efficiency stainless steel cooling tank waterways are lead-free in materials and construction and does come with all its installation instructions included”.

Our health requires water to love well. And for this, this is what this product from Oasis does. It “provide clean, safe drinking water for everyone, everywhere” and which is a reason you need it.

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This “Oasis Remote Chiller water product deliver cold water on-demand. The R5 delivers 5 gallons of cold, fresh drinking water per hour. The unit is backed by a 5 year warranty.” You can use it at work, at home and everywhere for as long as you want access to cleaner and safer water.

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